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TEXT TOPIC: Are you and your siblings competitive with each other?

My little sister, in highschool, asked a boy right in front of me who was prettiest out of the two of us I felt like she was always competing for my friends

me and my younger brother had a very competitive sibling rivalry, he tried to out show me all the time especially in work, but I am more hardcore 😉 and I've got the scars and medical records to prove it haha -trucker SmurfDaddy-

my grandma and her older sister grew up on a ranch that had boarders that worked there. They would always fight over who would get to date the new guy. It never ended well. Then Dean showed up. The first day they fought over him. Older sister told my grandma to stay away from him. Grandma and Dean eloped in the middle of the night an didn't tell anyone for a month. Older sister was hitting on him the entire time. Grandma finally lost her cool and spilled the news. They never reconciled. Grandma and grandma were married 40+ years until he died. Grandma remained a widow for 35 years before she passed. True love so much

My siblings and I are all competitive but its friendly rivalry. With everything. (Especially sports at family events)

I'm 27 he's 29 we always are always competitive. Big or small! Most recent was who got to moms house 1st or who who gma acknowledged 1st when she got to the party lol

sister is 41 with no kids. She competes with my two kids for my moms attention.

SIL 26 still competitive w all siblings. Hubs 27 got a bachelors degree. SIL was upset she was no longer the most educated. SIL wouldn't live in the same city as siblings either.

not really a personal rivalry but as an identical twin, I was constantly being compared to my twin brother. Who is the more attractive twin, who is smarter twin.. etc

i have 5 siblings and most couples (except my hubs and I) are competitive. One buys a truck so do they one buys a trailer so do they one buys a new house so do they

My sister-in-law has been competitive with me ever since I came into the family and we're even ten years apart. She always has to put me and my children down and tell me I'm wrong. No one in the family likes her but they put up with her rudeness because she's always been this way. A few weeks ago everyone finally stood up to her for me!

my bro it all started when we got tattoos he always has to have more then me used to bring it all the time that he wins I'm not even competing??

now it's everything I get a new limit on the credit card he gets a higher 1 I get a condo he tryna get a bigger house he can't afford I'm not competing?? More of a 1uper

I'm the eldest of 5 3 of my siblings have masters and are all pursuing PhD. I didn't graduate graduate here. But I've been stable since 18. Basically when they were all in college I was sending them money every week. So when they try to clown on me I always have to remind them who kept them up during college and still lol

My older brothers are about a year apart and the oldest one every time my other brother breaks up with a girl or starts talking to a girl or anything he tries to date her if he buys a new TV my older brother buys a TV

my sister is 9 years older than me and always felt like she was in competition with me. Who baked better, who is skinnier, who did mom like more. I could care less.

My kids and kids in law are competitive with games, sports etc. They were this way when they were little. It is hilarious

my husband is very competitive with his sister. He is always exaggerating stories and she doesn't even care. It's a very one sided rivalry!

my mom and her 2 sisters are so competitive. It was one thing when they were kids. But now they're in their 60s and have went from comparing their children to competing with whose grandchild is better. Whose grandchild is going to what college and playing what sport. It is exhausting to watch

I'm Male 34- sister 36. We both run and are competitive about our times. She has Boston qualified but because qualification is different for male and female, I have a faster marathon time, but have not Boston qualified. So we throw that back and forth at each other.

My little brother and I used to torment and prank each other all throughout our childhood. Now we are old and lame, so we have an ongoing competition with who has the higher credit score

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