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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your RADAR?

Valore provo–riverwoods

Friday Night Lights – Netflix

Literally – Rob Lowe podcast

Quick Quack Car Wash

Brooklyn 99

Jackson Miles –TikTok

Form outdoors – Herriman

On my radarIfyou have any food sensitivities or special diet restrictions red lobster has a most interactive online menu to tell you what on their menu you caneat

A local foundation, From Chemo to Crown.They hosted a Nightmare before Christmas themed trunk or treat over the weekend & collected Christmas donations for families in need. My kids had so much fun!

WOYR - Podcast called Drama Queens it's a one tree hillrewatchpodcast with Sophia Bush, Hilary Burton Morgan and Bethany-Joy Lenz

boutique1921Jess you will love it!! Is in Heber, super cute clothes, +size, jewelry... Judy blue jeans are the best!

onlymurders in the building on Hulu, sword and scale a true crime podcast obsessed

twothings currently on my radar the book Shoe Dog. It's a memoir of Phil Knight and how he cofounded Nike.Such an amazing read/listen.And The Morning Show on Apple TV plus. Yougottacheck it out! Phenomenal show!

The turkey jalapeño soup from Harmons

75Hard program to change you mentally and physical

Frankie, have you watched Parks & Rec? That's where "Literally" comes from with Rob Lowe.😂Great name for his podcast.

theshow Invasion on Appletv, and paper ghosts podcast are on my radar

DARK.CHOCOLATE.M&M'S! Changed my work forever when I first tried them lol

discoveredan awesome band Late Night Savior their song Afterglow is on constant repeat.

BBQ Pit Stop.We stopped by a couple weeks ago to get a smoker and they were so knowledgeable and friendly. We havebeen lovingit. Bacon wrapped pork chops last night! Perfect!!

I had to get Bear River Paranormal to come out to get the ghosts to stop. We live in Roy. And I have it on video, pictures, and it was crazy! You always say that you'll burn the house down and move away if your house is haunted but to actually experience it firsthand in real life it was the worst thing I've ever had to experience! It would be awesome if you could do a segment about our story and have Bear River Paranormal on who came in and did the investigation and got rid of them!

The new album "Future Past" from DuranDuran.Tokyo Station in Ogden.It'steppanyakiand sushi. So good!

ontiktoka singer named @bearbailey1 amazing voice out of Louisiana !

Brandon Mulls seriesDragonwatch! Book five came out yesterday. It's a continuation ofFablehaven. Love it!

Cancun cafe in cottonwood heights.Mexican food andIt'sso yummy!

lovingthe FRIENDS Central Perk Lego set. It's a way for me to get in touch with my inner child and we're building it together for a date night

kokonutgrill best Polynesian/Hawaiian food in Utah!!Locations inslc, Provo.New Orem location opens 11/12

Dark chocolate peanutmm's. If you're a fan of peanutmm's, you'll LOVE these!(If you like dark chocolate obvi).Seriously.Try them!

absolutelylove IG accountlainey.molnarbecause she's an artist that brings a lot of attention to women empowerment and talks about controversial issues in a way that's appropriate with a safe atmosphere

Park Lane Jewelry! High quality surgical steel earring posts Nickel, Lead, & Cadmium free 14-22ctelectroplated gold Rhodium electroplated silver affordable trendy beautiful something for everyone!

Supernatural Podcast by Ashley Flowers has the reincarnation episode! Very cool!

thenew VR game you use your fingers instead of the controllers and it's a guitar hero like game! So cool!

Sol agave, best Mexican food around.It's in American fork. It's totally worth the price!

Lovewinderderfuldesignson Facebook and Instagram. She does amazing personalized items. And great holiday decorations. HerWinderfulElf on the shelf kit is the bomb!!! Her work is stellar and can customize anything. She offers same day pick up and shipping.

The movie Wish Dragon on Netflix.It'sveryunderrated for how funny and light hearted it is. Really great for families but also funny for adults

Derek Pope is a music artist that on the radar. Literally look up his song warmachine,it has a very catchy piano beat. And also do yourself a favor and listen to "let's read" on YouTube.Best scary story narrator.

Separate Times on Facebook. She does live sales and picture sales. She has clothing, makeup, hats, jewelry, pens, andknickknacks. If youhaventliked her page your missing out.

newmultivitamin that has been life changing for me ,Qscience

DOPESICK!!!! I'm a Pharmacy Technician, it'sso good--dopesickon Hulu the start of the opioid crisis based on true events

Nitty Gritty Podcast They talk to local's really intriguing!

onmy radar... Peaky Blinders...sooogood

Science on the Side Podcast! Local scientists telling cool stories

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