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TEXT TOPIC: What did your kid say or do that was creepy?

My niece met her great grandma when she was nine months old and then she passed away shortly after that, when she was 5-6 years old she would constantly talk about how she was talking to grandma Grace and she was there with us. It was a good creepy!

A couple of years ago we were living with my parents andandmy daughter had a full on conversation with somebody in the room but the problem was no one was there she was 4 at the time.

At my grandmas funeral my 10yrold Daughter asked who that man was that was always standing by grandma. After showing photos it was grandpa who died 20 years before

My 2 daughters share a room. About a year ago, my youngest daughter asked her sister if she had a shovel, then she sits straight up in her bed, middle of the night. It freaked out my otherdaughter,she came to sleep in my bed. My youngest doesn't remember doing that.

wewent to a farewell for my cousin, leaving the church my niece asked her dad are we going to Megan's house? Megan was our cousin who passed away when she was just a young girl, 25+ years before that!

Used to take care of a child with Down syndrome.Spoke through signs. One night he ran away from me, scared, asked him what was wrong, he motioned across his neck and pointed to me.

2yograndson taking to the wall..askedwho he was talkingto..hesaysgrandpa..grandpadied before he was born

Mom there’s monsters watching you from the woods said my 3yrold when we moved into our new place. I was washing dishes by the big windows that look out to the woods.

I was watching my granddaughter and she wanted to play with play dough I sent her to get it and she came back and said she can't get it because the lady won't let her!!! We were the only two there at the time

When my brother was 3 my mom heard him playing hide and seek in his room. He was hid under his crib andlaughand yell grandpa you found me. My grandpa passed away so my brother never got to meet him.

My mom was getting my 2yo nephew ready for bed. While he was getting his diaper changed, he kept asking "Where's the ghost? Where's the ghost?" and looking around his room. Then his eyes locked onsomething in the empty corner of the room on the ceiling. He smiled and said, "therehe is!" NOPE!

Listening to my fav podcast yesterday.The host's daughter was having trouble sleeping through the night, so she was in her room trying to get her back to sleep. The daughter was happily babbling when she suddenly went silent, then, "who's that? That's not daddy." Their house is super old, in Boston, anddefhaunted.

when I was little I still remember it clear as day but it was one night in November I was 8 years old I personally seen people and ghost walking inside a closed graveyard at night while we were in Mexico visiting family my parents didn't believe us until I seen it for the 3rd time and explained to me about the dead that was celebrated forDiadelosmuertos

When I was 8 months pregnant with no. 2, my 3yowanted him out and said that we just needed to take a knife and cut my tummy open so she could take him out. We never explained C-section. (And didn't have one with either kid)

I'm convinced my son is a reincarnated someone. He always says "when I was a grown up"... says he has a son namedDeenowho is 76 and lives in Arkansas... all the things

My then 3 year old daughter said to my mom "Do you remember when I used to read to you? You liked the Bible book the best because it had the big beautiful pictures it." My mom was shocked because we didn't believe in reincarnation at all! But my mom very clearly remembers her mother reading to her as young child from the big family bible with famous artwork in it. My daughter now 13 has no memory of that conversation and we believe reincarnation may actually be a real thing now because too many kids remember SOMETHING! YIKES!!

After a bath, I was getting my daughter dressed and ready for bed in my room. I told my daughter to put her towel in the hamper which was back in the bathroom and she ran in there'd, flipped on the light and said "excuse me!".She put the towel away and ran back to me like nothing. We were the only 2 home at the time and I was too scared to ask who she was saying excuse me to lol I didn't sleep until my husband got home later that night.

My son was born a year and a half after my grandpa passed away, when he was 5-6 years old we lived with my Grandma and my Grandpa's chair was in my son's room, my son alwayslaidon the corner of his bed facing this chair and would carry on conversations and "read to Papa". One day while he was at preschool I decided to move the chair out of his room and into mine because it was so cramped in his room. When I picked him up from school that day, on the way home hesaid "Papa said to put his chair back in my room". Creeped me out a bit to say the least

When my daughter was about three or four, she said mama remember when you fell down the cement stairs at your old house? When I was 2 I fell down a set of cement stairs in our old house

myson kept asking me about this old lady and what her name iswhosalways with him. I had no idea what he was referring to until he got really upset and yelled at me again who she was. He was behind me and as I went to go up the stairs I turned around and said whereis this womanwhere do you see her, he says she's standing right behind you.

When my husband was 2.His mom put him to bed in his crib. In the morning he was in his crib sleeping with all the kitchen knives.

mygreat nephew, 5, was going #2 when his Mom went to ask if he was ready to wipe, he said "I wantGrama'sfriend to". My grandpa died in 1973

When my son was little he would play in his room witha someone. I could hear him through the monitor. One day my husband caught a glimpse of someone in his room.A little boy about 10 years old.Years later when we moved a picture frame and it broke.An old newspaperclipping fell out and my husband went white. It was a picture of the boy. Only it wasn't a boy it was my best friend that died when I was 12 from cancer.

32 years ago, first moved in to our house, our young kids 3-7 played with Bobby, (ghost in basement) would literally throw balls and hide things all the time. Still have ghosts in our house today. Not a big deal, USUALLY!!

My grandpa was a mortician and going to grandpa's house was not always fun (mortuary attached to his house and cemetery across the street. He asked for my help in the mortuary so I went to help him. Went through the door and the drapes was pulled so you couldn't see the bodies...I thought there may have been a family viewing someone because I could hear a faint crying and "no, no", but a kid's cry, not adult. My grandpa finally came to the front and pulled back the curtain and no one was there...BUT... he was prepping a small boy for a funeral. The biggest chill came over me. So...that kid said something creepy and wanted to share.

4 year old daughter and hubby came to visit me at work. We were the only ones there. She asked who that man was. I said what man. She said the man that looks like a man but he's not a man

mydaughter at 3 woke up 1 morning, she told me that she had fun playing with her cousin, Travis last night. She said mom, he wants you to tell his mom he's happy. My daughter had never met her cousin who had died before she was born.

My grandson was about 13 months old and my husband was holding him standing in the dining room he looking in corner of the room Giggling and laughing and reaching his arm out like reaching for someone. I always hopeitsmy dad that passed 2yrs prior

When I was about 12 I told my grandma that there was a lady in a white dress that keeps walking past our room we shared. She said, "that'smy grandmother. She just watches over me."

When my son was 3his grandpa died. I had just gotten the call that he had passed and we went over to his house. I didn't say a word to the kids yet and when we walked in the door my son said grandpa is with Jesus now.

mydaughter when she was 4. She randomly got upset with me. When I asked her was she was mad. She told me I killed her family, I killed her mom, dad, brother and her. She just kept saying.When I asked her why I did.She told me it was because they were black.

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