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TEXT TOPIC: What did you do to save $ and you regret it?

myhusband is a diesel mechanic and doesn’t work on transmissions. Our van transmission went out and he thought he could fix it. $5,000 later it’s in the shop getting a new one.

myhusband and I put sprinkles in our new house not once but twice! We regret it ever freaking time next house I'll pay the extra 15k

Finished a room in our basement.Drywall sucks never again will pay whatever you. It's so hard to make the wall even.

I put cheap gym flooring in and I can’t get the rubber smell out now. I’m going to have to pull it all out and let it air out in the sun for a couple weeks.

We put in the backyard at our old house ourselves.Rocks, sprinklers and sod.The yard was small, but the rocks on the west bench in West, were horrendous. Digging the trenches for the sprinklers was horrible.Rocks the size of a car motor.Our new house, we paid them to put in the yard.100% worth every penny.

Redoing mydaughterscloset… Six months later finally got it done… Never again..

wespent almost 300k remodeling. My husband kept telling that we needed to save money and could do it ourselves. We HATE our home because of all our mistakes. We will NEVER remodel again without a Designer’s help! What were we thinking!?

finishedmy basement to save $60k...four years later we're enjoying it!

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