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TEXT TOPIC: What is you PAT text?

Hey radio station I used to turn to when 97.1 would play Dan & Shay...every day you act like nothing in this world is awesome with your smug little voices acting all smart. Grow the hell up, get outside...your mom will appreciate you leaving her basement from time to time

after a small fire at work- customers were sooo rude cuz they couldn't get their Diet Coke! 30 cars came through and only 2 asked if everyone was ok! The rest were pissed that we had to close for a bit to get things cleaned up and safe again! Not to mention some employees were extremely pissed that they still had to work! Grow up!

2 my mother thats never been there dont try 2 cum into my kids life after 8 yrs of being gone been there done that not doing it again

You're almost 40 and you're having jealousy issues that is affecting our workflow just because I might be more attractive than you I'm not competing for your men, I have a boyfriend

Dear pre-k parents DO NOT approach children!!! If there's and issue talk to the teacher or the parent!!! Intimidating my 3 y/o is a good way to get beat up. Xoxo mama bear.

I'm a delivery driver and I keep getting yelled that for not having product it's not my fault

the two coworkers that take 15 smoke breaks every day...stop using that as an excuse to be lazy

Admin needs to back off teachers and stop shoving the "catch up the kids" we know the situation and we are doing our best!

you claim you hate her yet you continue to talk about her. All of our money and I will be gone in a few days, I'm done

quit being a little JERK to our mom. I hate how you treat her. If you're so "grown up" now that you're 20 start showing it.

ok I'm still new to my company but when an executive that is not your boss come and changes your job without consulting my Direct bosses. Needs to STOP

To my wife!!! I am not a dumbass. Last time I checked my IQ was way higher than yours. I'm tired of picking up after you. I am not your maid. Also, stop getting mad when I don't drop what I am doing just to please you. I have a reason for my rhyme! You are lazy and I want a divorce! :)

When selling a car/truck be honest about the issues that it has, don't lie, then act as if you didn't know after mechanical issues arise 2 days after purchase. Ad said perfect running truck, get the F**k out of here......

dear coworker, I understand that you've been doing this job for years, but I was brought in for a reason. Stop talking over me, shut up and listen.

Thank U for finally taking your toxic self out of my life. U think everyone is jealous of u, but we all know u. How u cheat the system, don't pay taxes, make money under the table, ILLEGALLY went to jail, don't even have your 16 year old in school. Instead you'd rather chase celebrities & sports. And then have the audacity to say we USED u. Bye Felicia!

People who knowingly get involved with married/taken people. There are 7 billion other people on this planet. Leave mine alone

Cranberry Hill neighbors in Draper, it's cooler and it's raining-TURN OFF YOUR SPRINKLER!!! We are still in a drought, and still need to conserve water!

If you're going 72MPH, you're not passing ANYONE. Get out of the "PASSING LANE"

the cashier at my grocery store pulls my produce out of the bag and rubs it across the scanner instead of simply punching in the code. Ew! Why?!? Don't touch my stuff and rub it around in more germs!

Company took away our work from home access. Dept mgr just called me to say he is working from home..

To my daughter's bf, just know I hate you with a passion But for the love I have for her I will swallow my pride and accept you. I hope you prove yourself

dear people of utah.....I'm a garbage truck driver.....STOP PUTTING GRASS IN YOUR RECYCLING CANS!!!!! Ugh!!!!!

just because you think you're important Doesn't give you the right to treat me like crap when you know we're short staffed and I'm doing my best to help you

Hey drunk girl, I know that you know I exist so stop playing the damsel in distress and stop asking my bf to be with you

The SIE is a stupid test that I'm mad I have to take for my job. Also I forgot how to SCHOOL. Learning new shiz is hard

Asking if I'm trying to build a court case against you. One I'm not trying you're making it way too easy to build the court case and twoYou're only screaming and yelling and upset because you know there is a court case.

The drop off zone at school is a place to drop off not park.. Get out of the way!!


I'm tired of dealing with these parents at my kids school they literally forget basic manners or driving skills oh and can't forget bullying oh how horrible you are to your kids make other kids miserable

this is for my work company wheel pros quit changing our optional Fridays to mandatory literally 12hours before our shift starts just to accommodate your short staff needs and treat us like crap no wonder people have bee quiting

Coworker broken to my private drawer at work all the HR department did was give him a write up, Symbolic handslapping...

hey Joel, I dumped you because you are a 41 year old without a real job or a driver's license and have been arrested twice in the past month. Not to mention you left a crack pipe in my child's bathroom. Stop lying to people about it.

dear loudest car I've ever heard on I-15 south yesterday around 5pm. Please don't d.r.i.v.e again. I'm a calm person usually but man, I've never been so triggered. I couldn't hear my podcast and that's after you were 6 cars in front of me.

Dear sandwich place I went to. Please don't ask what kind of bread we want for our whole order. Then get it wrong 5 times. Just make each sandwich 1 at a time.

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