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TEXT TOPIC: Weirdest things you saw someone doing while driving?

I was a manager at a pizza place and had to fire a driver for watching Netflix while making deliveries

a couple having a full-on genital jamboree while they were driving. It was scary, but rather impressive that they were pulling it off. -trucker SmurfDaddy-

Seen a guy driving down the freeway eating a bowl of cereal

stop light in park city. Kids and mom in the car looked over and watched a lady stick a pencil, erasure end up her nose, spin it then pull it out and lick it. We all screamed in horror!

my son in law BENJI: He reads a book While driving & Eats a bowl of cereal on his way to work ! Fm: Special K

eating cereal with a spoon and everything. Also I saw someone just sitting there eating a banana. Doesn't sound weird but it was unexpectedly weird to see

Im a uhp trooper. Pulled a lady over on I-70. I asked her what the wooden rod hot glued to her steering wheel was for. "To read while I'm driving"

Seen a chick breast pumping in California.. had to speed up and have a double take even tho the speed limit is 55 mph in my semi.. had yo make sure I wasn't seeing stuff haha

I have seen people shave, put makeup on and reading

My husband got his dad making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while driving.

watched a lady painting her fingernails while driving

saw a guy playing the guitar

playing the trumpet. I just hoped he didn't get on an accident and have that thing go down his throat!

I'm a crossing guard seen a lady nursing her baby!

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