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TEXT TOPIC: Why did your kid call 911?

1st time hubby n I went out on our own to the movies when our youngest was 3. Left 9 n 8 yr old in charge of her. 8yr old, goes to the bathroom n tells our son to watch their sister. The 1st thing she did was dial 911. To this day my daughter says to her bro YOU HAD ONE JOB!

when my daughter was about 8 she called 911 we were friends with the dispatcher and she knew it came from my house and called my cell phone to let me know she had a call from my house

I was around 4 or 5 and my mom unplugged the phone when she showered I figured out how to plug it in called 911 and then unpluged the phone again. Police showed up at my house and surrounded it. My mom had me apologize to Police that did show up. Never called 911 again.

When I was younger, all my cousins hated going to my mom's mom, especially when they had to sleep over. I don't know if it was the moth ball scent or what. But one time my two cousins were 4 and 6 and had to stay at my grandmas while their parents went to the Bahamas. My two naughty cousins went to my grandmas basement and used her old landline phone to call 911 because they didn't want to stay there haha. My grandma caught them and told them the police were going to come arrest them. The kids behaved themselves the rest of the time in fear that they'd get arrested

one time I called 911 when I was like 4 or 5 and talked like Stitch from Lilo and stitch for maybe 5 minutes. They called back and my mom, who had been napping, looked at the caller ID and then gasped and got so mad at me. I don't think the police actually thought I was stitch

When I was little my cousins dared me to call 911, when I asked who was on the line, the dispatcher told me "the boogeyman" Talk about being terrified of calling 911!!

my sister and I accidentally called 911 when trying to call our grandma. Sister kept pushing buttons tho I knew the speed dial, the 911 connected. Mom was in the shower and a cop showed up

11yo daughter saw a fire reflected off of a window on 123rd so. Called 911. The guys clearing an empty lot were surprised...

My son called 911 when he was 4. We didn't even realize it until he'd been on the phone for a minute, I told him to hang up. I asked him who he called, he said 911. We gave him the whole spiel about not calling, unless something really bad has happened. We didn't think anything of it until about an hour later a police officer showed up at our house. We explained to him what happened, he talked to our son about not calling 911 unless it's an emergency. He told him next time he'd take him in the back of the car... Then he gave him a teddy bear

my brothers and I were trying to call Santa when we called 911 instead

Boys 4 & 7 in house, I was at the neighbors. 4y old called, he said the dog bit his brother, my son had a scratch not bleeding from playing with dog

when i was younger before i knew what menstruation i thought my mom was dying because of what she left in the unflushed toilet

was taking a shower and my 2 year old called 911. When I was I. The shower the police came. I couldn't hear them knocking or ringing the doorbell. Luckily I got out in time and heard them. They were about to break in. 8 police officers were there.

When my son was 4 he was asleep on the couch taking a nap and me and my husband at the time we're doing the deed. In our bedroom and all the sudden I hear a voice outside the door and it freaked us out come to find out my son had called 911 and told them we were weird noises coming from the bedroom talk about embarrassing I had to tell the 911 operator that everything was fine and what happened I had my phone out in the living room next to my son charging at the time time

when I was about 8 I went to a summer camp at wheeler farm. Some kid used the pay phone there and prank called 911 so the cops showed up and we all got in trouble because he didn't come forward lol

Not my kid but as a previous dispatcher I received a call from a little who said her dad told her to call 911 if she ever needs help. She said she needed help to tie her shoes. Dad was not so impressed with her when he hopped on the phone to see who she was calling.

when I was 4 or 5 I was at playing at my dads business and called 911 a cop showed up to talk to me I hid in the back of my mom's car because I was so scared and the cop refused to go until my mom could get me out to talk to him.

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