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TEXT TOPIC: What is your weird phobia?

my weird phobia is belly buttons. Why do we need these stupid things?!

I have submechophobia. ITS HORRIBLLLEEEE

my phobia is like trypophobia but worse...I get sick to my stomach over even cracks that have something showing inside them. I've almost thrown up some days seeing this stuff

Grasshoppers and crickets. I think they are worse than spiders. Their faces, their long legs, the way they can jump feet in the air. They're terrifying.

I have necrophobia. I am so terrified of dead bodies and death (even dead bugs or animals)

odd phobia- absolutely can't stand having my ankles grabbed/restrained- even if the other person is teasing. Going up/down stairs where there is no back and just the thought of someone being able to grab them... I just lose my shizz and will knock you stupid.. even if just teasing. Can't help the horror/fear it brings

hate vomit. It's one of the major reasons I don't know if I'll be a good mom someday

scared of semis while driving. Afraid they are going to tip over on my car. The freeways are a treat!

being in traffic stopped under an overpass or bridge

WhatTheHellHappenedInThereObia... if I ever use a public restroom and it's filthy, I fear I'll be blamed for it and end up cleaning! I need help

I'm terrified of energy windmills.

fear of hair. Hair on chairs, the ground etc. I have panic attacks

can't walk over any kind of man hole covering or drain or grate in the sidewalk or street. I will walk all the way around it.

my fear is Dragonflies and Butterflies. I'm 30yrs old and will never be okay with them.

had ACL surgery a while back in the fall, so my recovery was during the snowy months. I developed severe basiphobia, which is the fear of falling

weird fear of porcelain dolls. I do not trust the way they look

afraid pool drains even though I'm a good swimmer

I'm afraid of curling irons. Always think they're going to burn my ears or get stuck in my hair. Never use them

Sister just texted me and asked if I was listening to you guys because we have the fear of small holes club together as well as my brother and other sister.

Phobia = WET SOCKS! If my socks get wet they have to come off immediately and my feet must be washed. Wet socks make me feel like I’ve stepped in a bodily fluid. Doesn’t matter which fluid. . . They are all nasty to step in.

Tree and plant roots. They freak me out!

snails. They freak me out!

hate the thought of the seat belt rubbing together when I put my seat belt on. It almost makes me gag

daughter is afraid of vomit. Even been diagnosed with the term emetophobia

wife is scared of taxidermy heads

My daughter is afraid of birds

I am irrationally afraid of ants. It’s called Myrmecophobia (mirror-um-co-phobia). If I find an ant on me I start panic breathing and I feel ants all over my body. In my worst cases I feel the ants so bad that I scratch myself until I'm bleeding and I can't stop. After therapy I can rub my arms and back with a lot of pressure and pinch myself while doing breathing practices and that can calm me down eventually

fun fact about trypophobia is it came from cave man origins where if you saw a cluster of holes on your skin it was supposed to tell us that something wasn't right with us medically

One of my close friends has a phobia of ketchup. If you even pull out a bottle of it around him he will take off running. He can't look at it he can't smell it and he definitely cannot taste it

can't be around self playing pianos. I will cross a room while they play

pressurized biscuit cans are terrifying. A jump scare in a can.

butterflies. They are silent, and creepy, and just giant nasty bugs who taste with their feet.

I'm afraid of large edifices...airplanes ships, Statue of Liberty...

Phobia of open cupboards. If one they are left open, I start to panic and have to close it. When putting th dishes away, I will take them all out of the dishwasher and put them on the counter, so I only open the cupboard once.

I'm terrified of large moving things: whales, large inflatables, giant flags (the giants one at Macy's freaks me out) thing like that

afraid to kiss blarney stone. I was lying down bending backwards, and told old man i changed my mind!

Fear i will be the cause of traffic

thalassophobia. I have a fear about swimming in bodies of water when you can't see what's under you. Imagine swimming and not knowing what is under your feet

look up a fully submerged airplane and tell me you don't have this phobia

my cousin has a phobia of old things, can't touch an antique without gloves

deathly afraid of haunted houses. Irrational fear that I'm going to die.

Phobia of my food touching

can't walk on wet tile. Just thinking about it makes me cringe! Public pools are a no go because of it.. sick!!

I've had a fear since i was a child that I would fall and break my neck doing any tricks like somersaults, hand stands things like that

terrified of broken bones. Cannot watch opening scene of the Blind Side

Fear of wind. At 5yrs old I was lifting off the ground by the wind. Grabbed onto a pole til my brother grabbed me.

I have a fear of the song they're coming to take me away. Just typing it gets my heart racing. All due to my brother's locking me in a closet and playing that song forward and backwards on a record player when I was little. It's a creepy song

I am disgusted and so afraid of things being manually stuck in between my toes. My husband will stick his fingers in between my toes to bug me and I freak out. I can't take it. He'll get my kids in on it too lol

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