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TEXT TOPIC: How did you accidently hurt your kid?

parent guilt my friend flicked her sassing daughter in the mouth to get the sassing to stop it landed just so & actually split her lip open

I was holding my almost 2 ur old granddaughter in my recliner. She wanted down & her leg got stuck as the automatic foot rest was going down & she broke her leg. Poor thing had a full leg cast. I'm still not over it 5 yrs later.

closed my 2 year olds fingers in the door. Had to get two of the finger tips stitched back on.

slipped on the stairs carrying my 3-year-old son. His leg was behind my back and I landed right on it. He limped for 2 weeks. Carpeted stairs and socks Don't mix

This was my husband that did this but I felt guilty for him my daughter was 14 months old at the time and learning to walk she was still wobbly and my husband tossed a toy to throw it in the toy box but she walked in front of it and the toy cut open her forehead she ended up having stitches and still has a scar she is almost 6 now.

Parent guilt. My 2 1/2 year old daughter (at the time) got mad and wiped all the alphabet magnets off our frigid. My wife holding our a few months old set him on the counter, when he decided to roll for the first time, off the countertop on to the floor.

Was looking at my phone will nursing my brand new baby. Phone slipped out of my hand and smacked her right on top of the head. It still makes me want to cry seven years later

One day I was racking leafs into a big pill. I decided to pick my 6 year old up and throw him in the leafs just like in the movies. However when he hit the leafs they just separated and he went straight to the ground. Parent fail.

pulled my son's arm out of his socket. This is the same son that he fell out of the car in his carpet <old bucket carseats> still 32 years later he reminds me of it.

My little boy was about a year old and was standing in the cart and my husband jerked the cart to get him to lose his balance and sit in the cart. He fell out on his head instead. He was fine, with a knot on his head. My husband still feels guilty, even though it was an accident.

2 long tongs that had just been in the fire, he touched her arm twice with them and she's still got the scar :/ he felt horrible

I was pulling my kid out of the cupboard, he was getting snacks after I told him no, his fingers slipped into the top of the oven insert and I filleted his fingers. All the way to the tendon. Luckily no surgery just a lot of Stitches

I was nursing my baby middle of the night when she was brand new and we both fell asleep. My arms relaxed and I let go of her, luckily I woke before she fell far but she rolled down my lap and it traumatized me!

carried my son in good bouncer from the table top to the floor, he fell sideways landed on his front on the floor.. broke his thigh bone.. had to have a little baby cast. ☹️🥺 he was 4 months old.

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