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TEXT TOPIC: Do you have an embarassing injury story to share?

sprained my thumb pulling on my spanx

broke my toe by opening the freezer and having a pack of frozen meat land on it. 2 weeks ago and it's still bruised!

My husband will forgive me for sharing with you that he dislocated his shoulder trying to kill a mosquito

gave myself a Charlie horse and pulled calf... from using a vibrator

during the earthquake last year I panicked and jumped from my second story balcony onto the bottom floor (about 19feet) and landed on a couch To get to my kids. I ended up breaking my foot, hurt my face and felt like I was ran over by a dump truck for a couple days. I also had a hematoma on my leg from hitting the corner of the couch. I exploded my brand new couch. I still can't believe I did this! what was I thinking...

I was day drinking on a Sunday decided to work in my garden. I have a big elevated rock area and garden above it. I was walking down to the part where it drops off when my wine kicked in and I fell on the rocks, rolling out of the garden. I cut my leg open and hurt my wrist. I was a hot mess. Still have the scar on my leg!

Fell at the store, did the splits and ended up fracturing 2 bones in my knee and tearing my meniscus.

I had a muscle spasm in my anus and I was sitting down on to the toilet... Well I passed out and my face hit the floor and my tooth went through my lip-had to have 4 stitches... My only stitches in my entire life

threw my back out picking up my one year old

my wife threw her back out trying to prove she could wrestle me and win. She was wrong obviously lol

My wife and I were doing the deed and I pulled a hamstring

tripped over a piece of plastic banding that was stuck in the ground and fell to the ground yesterday.

Jumped in a pool to save my "drowning" son. The pool was more shallow than I thought. Shattered BOTH heel bones. Walked on them for 2 weeks before my husband believed me enough to take me to the dr. I was in TWO boots for weeks. Btw- my son wasn't drowning at all... just splashing

ended up spraining my big toe going up the stairs and I slipped on some clothes that had been left there And then my big toe in an awkward angle

failed to remove the pressure from a pressurized water container before removing the cap. The cap shot off and hit me in the eye. Eye swelled shut and was black for weeks. So lucky there was no damage to my eye ball or missed my eyeball by just a fraction of an inch.

forgot my towel in the bedroom after showering. I decided to run to my room and was hunched over bc it was cold. I hit my head on an open cabinet door corner and next thing I know I'm on the floor dizzy & completely nude. Husband found me there and had to help me up. 6 staples in the scalp and a concussion put me in bed for a week

My husband was cutting a plastic ring pop down so it could fit in a ring box. He was trying to surprise me & pretend it was a new diamond ring and it was a ring pop. He filleted his index finger.

we went for a birthday dinner with our family to benihana and I fell down the stairs like Charlie Brown and had a concussion

fell down the stairs in a completely packed movie theater. Broke my wrist

at a friends bbqs plying volley ball mid air felt a pop, a month later took a fall apparently I tore my ACL when playing volleyball

Slipped on the third step from the bottom of my stairs and bruised my backside. By the end of the day, I had a bruise the size of a pineapple and super dark purple. 2 weeks later and I'm still sore. Couldn't sit normally for over a week

Level 3 ankle sprain stepping out of the porta-potty at work. Bruised from the top of my ankle to the bottom. Was so embarrassed but I had to tell my boss and do to the hospital to make sure it wasn't broken.

My wife was chasing the dog around the couches at my parents house while they were out of town and prune her toe... my dad still thinks we were about to get freaky

I was on a trip in Ireland with some friends. I passed out in the shower, my face hit a counter as I fell and I busted my lip open. The most embarrassing part was my guy friend having to carry me out of the bathroom to the bed naked.

I managed to tweak my knee the other night doing laundry! Yesterday I couldn't walk and had to get myself crutches, this morn it's like nothing happend

A couple years ago i ran down my stairs and broke my toe on the last step, the morning we were going to go camping. I taped a popsicle stick to my foot and limped on uneven ground for 4 days and couldn't explain how i actually broke it.

slipped on a clear plastic sheet that was on the carpet, ended up falling down the stairs and getting a concussion, after I came to crawled up the stairs and sat on the couch. To this day nobody else knows. -Trucker SmurfDaddy

tore my achilles' tendon while skipping down the street with my children.

my husband went to close the car door after putting groceries in the car. Didn't move his head. Slammed door on neck

ended up with eight stitches in my ring finger because I was cutting a bagel Listener Jenn

my Mom was eating a sucker and the edge cut into her gum and got infected was visibly swollen and have to be treated with antibiotics.

I was cleaning out my deep freezer with my roommate who shared it with me. We had all the food out except one which was in the bottom of the freezer. My roommate couldn’t reach it, so I tried but fell inside while trying to and broke some ribs on my right side. The “POP” was loud enough that my roommate heard it!

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