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TEXT TOPIC: Did you have to stay the night in the wild unexpectedly?

night in the wilderness- my friends grandparents went on a ride in their side by side and it broke down. They wound up having to stay the night. The temps got really low and one of them had to have part of her foot amputated because of frostbite

missed the last shuttle out of zion canyon and had to sleep in the bathroom. This silver emergency blankets really work.

I went looking for the M cave in Nevada. I knew the trek would be hard. I went alone, followed the coordinates of where the cave is. I planned to camp for one night...ended up staying 3 days. I had to ration what I had. Some of the strangest thing are out there. Noises I've never heard. Bottom line is I made it out after 3 days and never going back.---wanted to add the M cave was where this person Kenny Veach went missing. And while there I also saw things off in the distance. I didn't have binoculars or anything but the object did look strange.

Took a break from school when I was 25, moved to Cali. While still on break, moved back to Utah to run a ski shop. Ran out of money while waiting for my 1st paycheck (motel was expensive) and decided to make a snow cave. Worked so well, went another 1.5 months.--Wouldn't do it again, but cool (haha) experience.

Last day on my trip to italy. We were unable to get back to Naples in time to be let into our Airbnb due to a train delay caused by somebody jumping on the tracks. We decided the best course of action was to go to the airport in Naples and spend the night there as we waited for our early a.m. flight. We got there and each one of us in our group of three found some chairs got comfy and fell asleep. they close the airport at 2:00 in the morning and we were forced to go outside where it was raining. We spent the night in a playground next to the airport in Naples. There were so many scary people walking and watching us so my friend and I just stood up and watched pre-downloaded episodes of project runway.

During my high school years, it was summer. And my friends thought it would be a good night to go to little cottonwood canyon, little did I know that they are wanting to "smoke". They got caught, by the cops I ran 2 miles down little cottonwood by myself at 2am and got into a strangers car and made it home

went to moab with some friends but had car issues and got there so late that we ended up sleeping on a tarp in a field behind someone's house that was having a party that night

Was on a date in the West Desert. Blew 1 tire' 30 minutes later blew a 2nd Tire. Spent the night. Finally got the tire fixed, find out my battery was dead.

on our way back from Vegas they closed the freeway on us because there was a lot of black ice. Well they closed the freeway and wouldn't let us exit either so my whole family (kids included) had to sleep in the car. My dad would wake up every so often to turn the car on and turn on the heater because it was also freezin

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