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TEXT TOPIC: What did you say NO to or what do you want to say NO to?

wish we had said no to Thanksgiving this yr looks like I'll be choking down some dry ass turkey once again

said no to getting back with my ex the day after meeting my now husband of 4 years.

Asked a girl out, the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen, and she said "yes". Picked her up to go to dinner...the most negative and rude person I'd ever met, too! Took her home after dinner and she asked if we could continue the night or do something some other time and I said, "Nooooo." Best decision.

MIL expects us to be at her house Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day. Wish I could just say No and spend the days at home with my 4 young kids and husband.

I want to say no to all the holiday events this year... My mom is unreal with how it has to be "fair" between time with her and time with our in-laws for ALL the holidays

I've been designated as the compassionate service person at work. Any life event I am unwillingly volunteered to order flowers and dinner. They think I'm getting a deal but I pay full price. You order the flowers and collect the money. I don't want to do!

finally said no to name exchange for Christmas. Too much $$ and I've got 3 bdays in December!

just wanted to chime in to the subject of saying no to something well a few days ago my best guy friend asked me if I wanted to have a threesome with him me and my cousin like wth I said no and feel amazing about it

chose to quit & be a stay at home mom. Sister in law asked me to babysit her kids full time since I'd be home. I said no, I'm not a daycare

I said no to a job I really wanted when it turned out to be less than I deserved.

my moms extended family does a big Christmas party family reunion at a church. I don't really know any of these people except we are obscurely related. I started saying no during the busy Christmas season- my mom doesn't get it but it's better for my mental health

Said no to the ex-wife asking me to "come over", ummm I divorced you for a reason....

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