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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT text?

hey mother in law, please go away. I don't like being married to two women! You allowed me to marry your daughter, not you and your daughter.

my route is big get off my back at this point I feel like I being picked on.

You may hate your job but you don't have to take it out on the Medical assistance you work with or the patients needing to be seen. Go spend more time on your back with your boyfriend

please people... use your damn blinker. That's it. Simple.

cheating isn't cute don't gloat about it I'm about to rat u out to ur hubs. This is why I barely hang out with u

listen douchebag ex, quit trying to talk to me, it's been 10 years! I'm disgusted by you, leave me alone!

I'm so tired of telling you how I need to be loved and need affection from you. Its almost the breaking point to be done with you and not look back.

I gave you everything. Taught you about money, built your credit from 500 to 780. Talked to your parents about marriage and co-signed on a car with you. Then you left 3 weeks later? You’re a terrible person and took advantage of me. How could you.

to the parents at pickup at navigator Pointe, please don't wait at the front of the line for 20 minutes waiting for your kid and hold up the line.

if your kids show signs or symptoms of illness, have a fever, please DO NOT SEND THEM TO SCHOOL!! It's irresponsible!!!

ladies if you ask a guy to be your bf, don't ignore him when he gives you all of his attention. Then when he ignores you, you won't leave him alone.

PAT.. dear boss, I'm done. I've had enough of your passive aggressive egotistical nonsense. I can't do it anymore. After ten years, I'm finally done

I don't need to be micromanaged. I have been doing just fine for 6 years with out boss and without you. Love ya but I know the boss and my job 100% more than you. Let's work together

IG influencers, just be nice when you come in a store! Appreciate your "free product" life! BE NICE!

Stop harassing the sales people because your material is running later than they expected they have no control over this look at the ports they're backed up for miles. Just relax and you'll get your stuff. We're all on the same boat

Please stop going 50mph through the parking garage. You're gonna hit someone. Idiots.

if you have to make your child a pancake breakfast do their hair and read them a story before they get out of the car you don't belong in the drop off line at school. Pull forward for hell sakes!!

to the person complaining about pickup at navigator point. Your supposed to wait in line until a teacher asks u to pull up. Pick up requires a little patience from all of us. Relax

i dont care if the FDA approved it. It still not going in my body

please turn your lights on during storms and when it starts to get dark. Little silver car I literally didn't see you

Hey Jill, you are the step mother from hell! You are the worst thing to happen to this family.

Dear mother in law you have your own husband leave mine alone

i dont feel like it is right to force someone to get a vaccine even if it is my job. I just don't feel comfortable with putting it in my body. They gooing to loses a good work. Peace

to my ex best friend who keeps trying to come back into my life. I only liked you because my husband was friends with you and our daughters were friends. Please stop trying to contact me. Your boring and a terrible person----more to the story. You asked why my ex best friend who is boring is a terrible person. She lied to my husband saying I cheated on him and involved all of our friends. We ended up in a divorce and then she left her husband a week later for mine and moved in to my home while I lived with my parents.

Drug dealers in Millcreek, we see you and want you gone!!! I will get you busted!!!!

hey neighbor if your dog keeps coming in my yard growling and barking at me and chasing my 3 year old into my house it might disappear some day

hey Suz when your store manager tells you he has cancer through his entire body and his last day will be Sunday don't ask if he is still covering your weekend. Be more sympathetic to his situation.

We need a boss not a "yes man"...we do the work, not you. Stand up for us...actually, too late...I'm moving on and will fill you in this week.

PAT drivers for your safety and ours please don't be reckless, slow down, turn on your lights, back off, be careful changing lanes. If you're from Utah or not I can bet you is not the first time you see rain

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