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TEXT TOPIC: Who missed the birth of their child?

6 months pregnant with our 2nd when my husband was deployed overseas in 2003. We were able to time everything & he was able to be on the phone talking to me while I gave birth. We prerecorded my husband reading books & I played them so that our son could hear his voice & know his face. Daddy made it home before 1st bday

my dad missed my birth cause he was in jail for manslaughter

Friend had to be induced early bc of preeclampsia, hub was in S. America. He waited too long to book flight back-Her family was angry at him because he missed birth. Shouting match at hospital, so bad friend's mom and hub couldn't visit together

my husband was in jail. About a month in a half before I was due. He got approved for a ferlow to be out for her birth. But she decided to come early. 5 days early so he missed her birth. We were so sad but he got to see her the day I got home from the hospital so it was a happy ending.

in the military in 29 palms CA. Small town, wife needed a specialty hospital. She went to Loma Linda and my higher ups said it was too far to travel on a work day.

My ex husband missed the birth of our son because he was too busy with his girlfriend.

Dr came in check on the ex said we still had a ways to go, I went to the bathroom and came back and my son was born while I was gone

I had to have an emergency c-section (cord was coming out first) and they put me out. Saw my son an hour and a half after he was born

I had to have an emergency c-section and my husband didn't have time to get cleaned up to be able to go into the OR. So he missed it

my daughters dad missed our daughters birth... we weren't together, so when he arrived BEFORE her actual birth, he declined to be in the room when she was born. I later found out he didn't believe it was his... Pat test proved she was. Happy ending, he lives out of state and still sees her every other weekend. A fathers relationship with their children should both be based on the mother's permission and/or how he treats her... it's all about the kids moms, quit taking how dads treat you personally and let them be dads.

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