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TEXT TOPIC: What big purchase did you and your friends go in on?

me and my best friend share a boat

recently partnered up with a friend and bought a race horse---follow up on the horse. So far all is going well. Horse is in training now. We split the training bills which total around $2k a month. Bought horse for $60k. She will race this spring in New Mexico

my friends and us went in on property up at Lava--had the lava spot for 4 years and everything is perfect with our friends. We all go up in the spring/fall to clean up our property.

just finalizing details with a group to buy a house in Lake Tahoe

me and 3 friends pooling our money to buy teslas. And we plan to start a rental car business. With Teslas

Our friends bought a vacation house in Moab together and call it KBHR the initials of our last names! We love it!

17y ago, purchased a timeshare orlando w/"friend", after 2mths they stopped mkng pmts, my husband was the 2nd signature so it didn't report on his credit--so we stopped making payments after 4 months, cause we couldn't afford it by ourselves

ex and i both a property in the mountains for camping and maybe building a cabin in the future, so far so good we went camping with friends and glad we got this dont know how it will be when we date new people etc

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