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TEXT TOPIC: You Keep Getting Phone Calls Because They Have the Wrong Number

Keep getting calls looking for a person for the past 3 months , recent one was that they were telling me that some was outside and to get out. I told them okay and hung up

Had my old number for 10 YRS & would get calls & texts for Rosa THE ENTIRE TIME. Makes me wonder if she was giving out her old number to avoid telemarketers. 🤔

My phone number long time ago was one number off from for the 7-Eleven maintenance company

My number is close to a banks number. I get called at at least once a month. One of these times, I want to answer, "name and account number please?"

I get texts for a Natalie about job opportunities. This has been going for three years. Unfortunately she gave the wrong number when she was looking for jobs. Lol

I get texts for a guy named doug wanting to buy one of his rental properties. I have gotten to the point where I am mess with and tell them things like yeah I'll sell it but just don't mind the dead bodies in the back yard and stuff like that. They don't reach to me again.

When I first got this number 10 years ago, I would get messages and appointments for a Katie. It's quieted down, but yesterday katie got an invite to the utes game. I told them I'm not Katie but I'll take the tickets

My grandmother passed away about two years ago and my mom still text the number so to whoever gets my texts for my mom to my grandmas thank you for not replying

My mother in law has the same number as the pizza factory in st George, the only difference is the area code. So she gets called all the time. Especially on the weekends.

I had a phone number close to a local country radio station who had a contest twice a day. Caller number 13. When every they announced it my phone would blow up. My # 540 theirs was 570. Everyday !!!!! Yes I got a new number

Apparently at some point a guy named Steve went online and requested some insurance quotes unfortunately he used my phone number instead of his. I received 3 to 5 calls per day for over a year my name is Shawn not Steve the sales people would not believe me.

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