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TEXT TOPIC: What do you do and what do you make?

HVAC service technician 90k plus profit share

State Criminal Special Agent Investigator of 25 years making $92k a year with weekends off

I work in insurance and this year I started in July and already made 120k this year so far

My hubby works for the government as a Price/ Cost Analyst and makes 107K a year. I have a good cushion of he should pass 😁

hiring medial billers, help desk, medical payment posters and implementation specialist at AdvancedMD

Fraud Specialist at a financial institution. $40k.

my husband is a surveyor for a footings and foundation company, makes $130,000 a year!

DCFS program manager $55k after $5 raise approved by legislation after years of low pay and high turn over

My husband is a goon(transporter) flies all around the country . Takes troubled kids from their home in the middle of the night and transport them to at risk youth facilities. This is his 2nd gig so not fulltime but pulls home about 23$ an hour.

As a teacher $40,000 now I'm a principal and make $104,000

Finance director auto business . $450,000

I spend all day with seniors with dementia. $14/hr.

Escrow Officer make $105,000 a year

Sr salesforce administrator. 135K

Microbiology analyst make ~38k at a independent 3rd microbio lab. We test pharmaceuticals, medical devices and supplies, etc. for manufacturers to make sure they meet FDA requirements and are safe for use. No bacteria and they Do what they say do you

judicial assistant for one of the judges in a court house, I make about 33,000 yr.

Traffic control 40.02 an hour on federal freeway projects and I also work Executive Protection jobs and make 20 grand a year for 30 days a year.

Support for an e-commerce fulfillment company. $55k/yr

Program Manager for a Tech company $150k base, $100k+ in equity and this year alone $35k+ bonuses 0 college degree

im a crossing guard and make $31.00 an hour and get 50% cafe rio

HR Manager $95k

Heavy Equipment Operator. Union member. $80k a year, pension & insurance. Single mother & make more than my x husband & have a better retirement lined out for me.

Company trainer. $100k.

I'm a sewing pattern tester and I make all my kid's clothes

collision estimate approx 90k a year

I'm an admin at a big company I only make 30k

Accounts payable clerk 68k

garbage truck driver. $21 an hour starting out.

BEst job in the world. I'm a pet photographer. Hi Jess!! 👋🏻😘 $30,000/year but will be raising my prices next yesr. 👊🏻💥

HR Government $64,500

Project Manager $60K

my husband is a parole officer. Makes about $40k a year. Not a lot (let's get better pay for police!!) but he LOVES his job! Grateful for that and grateful for him! ❤️ All of his parolees and probationers thank him for being the best P.O.

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