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TEXT TOPIC: You ran into your ex with your current person?

dating 2 weeks, gf out w/ girls Ex bf shows up to her house, Im home alone. While he is on the phone with her he tries to break in. I ran him off with .45mm

I've been dating my husband since high school, and one of his exes was in my grade, I was a cheerleader and she was on drill, I remember once on a Friday night football game we walked past her and she literally flipped him off

When me and my ex-husband split up I started dating a guy and he would sit outside my house look in the windows and he will tell me everything that we were doing like we walked upstairs he's like you what are you doing upstairs or what are you doing in the kitchen I had to get a restraining order creepy

I was the ex that showed up. My bf cheated on me with his ex before me, we broke up and they got back together. I showed up at her house when he was there and threw all of his stuff on her lawn.

in HS at my boy friend's graduation, his ex left her own graduation to egg my car

my mom and dad were getting s divorce and my dads new girlfriend started stalking my mom. She would follow MG mom come from work, show up where my mom was hanging with her friends, it was crazy

I unknowingly was hanging out with my husband's one night stand at a house party. I flipped out on him when he finally told me because he let me hang out with her for a few hours before saying anything.

watched my ex walk into the hospital with his new wife to have a baby. Hadn't seen each other in 10yrs. I was leaving with my baby! My nurse told me I got better, watching my husband pull up to get me & baby

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