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TEXT TOPIC: What did your kid say that cut you like a knife?

Asked daughter what she wanted to be when she grows up, said she wants to be a singer. I said, Aww! U wanna be like me?! She said "No! I wanna be famous!" Ouch.--Not in a band or anything, mostly karaoke. But I won Salt Lake Idol in 2004 with Frankie for a trip to Vegas to audition for American Idol.

my 5 year said while poking my tummy "wow your tummy is really squishy and big"

I was newly divorced and my 7 year old was acting up so I put him in time out and he yelled "you're rude no wonder dad left you!" Crushed my soul

my nephew told my brother when he was putting him down to sleep. He said son I love you good night. And my nephew who is five said dad when you're breathing it smells like you're farting. My brother told us the other day and I could not stop laughing! He said wow that was brutally honest.

My son said, mom you know the saying never trust a skinny chef? I said yeah? He said, that's kind of like you, you're the hairstylist that never does your hair 🤦‍♀️ ITS JUST CAUSE IM BUSY!!!

After I say "I love you", my 2 year old Faye says "I don't like you"

told me I was too fat to climb on....ouch

your old, but we will still keep you

"I don't want to hug you, you stink"

my son is 14 he is my second from oldest. I was teasing him about his taste in music and he came back with "well at least I won't have a kid when I'm 16." I was with his father for 16 years and had four kids with him not the typical 16-year-old teen pregnancy. But he almost had me in tears especially cause I'm a Single mom now working my butt off to give him everything he wants!

Getting ready for a job interview – my son said, wow! Nothing like smelling like an older lady

My 2 year old walked in when my husband was getting in the shower and said "dada naked" then gagged

I was making dinner and burned my hand in the process mind you I don't cook at all I burn water lol so my 4 year old daughter came up and asked me what happened and I told her I was cooking and she laughed and said mommy we all know you can't cook lol a little too honest my little meanie

My 4 year old grandson told me I was an a**hole because I told him he couldn't bury my Yorkie in the couch cushions and jump on him. I still hear him saying that to me 2 years later.

my son was mad at me for not allowing any more screen time before bed the other night and he said I hope you have nightmares about getting us taken away by child services. Dad is the one that the open case is against!

My daughter asked my wife why daddy doesn't wear a bra for his boobs. Ouch.

My then 3 year old daughter said "mom, are you going to put some pants back on? Because I want to forget what your butt looks like." Little stinker

About 10 years ago when my daughter was about four she called my nine-year-old daughter that and it really hurt my nine year olds feelings. So I thought I would take the opportunity to tell her how important it is to say nice things to other people. So I kneel down and got on her level and said honey you need to be really careful about words that you call people because they can hurt their feelings. I'm calling somebody that can really makeSomebody feel sad. So she looked at me and she goes but mommy, you're fat too!

I have video of my 3 yr old daughter telling me " mommy you're very ugly " She follows up with " you're beautiful and then back to you're ugly "

I'm growing a beard and a bigger dude. My 9 year old daughter asked me if I was turning into Santa Claus "From that move" (with Tim Allen.)

my 10yo daughter told me she loves how squishy I am and squeezes the back of my arms and my stomach like she's playing with a stress ball. I don't think she fully understands how much it bothers me. I've always been curvy but have def gained too much since having kids.

I'm a therapist, and in an argument over basic expectations (you know, chores), my 15 yr old daughter said, "I feel bad for your clients! I would hate having you as a therapist. You're probably a really bad therapist!"

my son (4 at the time) said you're not old mom, you're just a little fat. I'm a size 6/8.

this morning. My lamp on in room. My 3 year old says mama is that your big giant head shadow on the ceiling? Ouch

got new glasses and my 4 year old told me to take them back because they make my face look weird.

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