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TEXT TOPIC: You say it as a parent and you thought you would never say it?

why does someone smell like poop?!?! Lol and my girls are teenagers!

I never thought I would say get your finger out of your brothers butt


you can't poke the dogs butt

I catch myself almost daily saying "put your butt away". 😆 My kids are on a mooning kick

"what's said in the car stays in the car" me trying to justify my cursing out people while driving”

"Don't do fireworks in the house!"

never thought I would say , Nate don't hit me with your noodle lol

“Stop licking your brother" & "we don't put food in our ear, it goes in our mouth"

never thought I would have to say "please dont play with your poo" like really, cant you smell how stinky it is!!

I never thought I’d say “my name is not bruh!”

when I change my 2 year old, I have to tell him to stop tickling his peepee cause the second his diaper comes off, he tickles it.

I can't believe I have to say out loud to my 5 year old- I don't want to look at your butt! As he is spreading his cheeks for me to make sure he's all clean down there!

"Quit trying to shoot your twin sister with your penis... it's not a gun!!!"


"who put the cat in the dryer?!" The dryer wasn't on by the way, and she is now in a safer home lol

we call that the poopie Picasso!!!!

Tables are for glasses, not for asses.

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