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TEXT TOPIC: How old were you when you took your first flight?

I was 8 and flew to Oklahoma for a family reunion.

first flight was at 20 years old. Went on a trip to England by myself and had to figure everything out on my own.

I was 4 years old. I was living in Australia where I was born and I flew to America.

I was 20 years old when I flew for the first time. It was to basic training in 1986. 35years later I fly for a living still in the military.

Senior in high school and flew to Yuma, AZ with a friends family for spring break.

I was 3 and flew from Frankfurt Germany 🇩🇪 back to the states . I was born there. #militarybrat

Washington DC and New York. Because they are such major and important cities, my mother took each of us siblings to those cities when we turned 16. That was a loonnng time ago!!

I was 11, flight from Recife-Brazil to Lisbon-Portugal, back in 1989 and I puked all over myself and my seat

I was 6 when I moved to Hawaii from here. Just remember it was a really long straight shot flight.

I was 15 or 16 when I took a plane to Indianapolis. I was so excited I stayed up all night and watch Final Destination.

My first flight was here to Salt Lake from India. I was 5 months old and of course I don't remember it. I would imagine I slept most of it.

didn't fly until I was 22. Went to Cancun for our honeymoon.

first time on a plane was one week after I graduated high school, I was getting shipped off to basic training for the military

Age 19 to Chicago to join the navy. Turned into hundreds of flights over the next 5 year's

I was 11 going to Disneyland paid by the boys and girls club

First flight - February 5th 1997 heading to AIRFORCE basic

I was 27 and flew to Florida for a trip I won to Disney World. My friend and I went.

my 1st flight was to Seattle. I was 8. Oklahoma bombing had just happened & I was terrified to fly.

first time I got on a flight was when I was 18 and I few to Dallas airport, what a massive airport. Then to Mexico, best experience ever!

The very first time I flew on a plane was when I was probably about 14 or 15 years old and I was a dancer and we were flying to California to dance and perform there, I legit bald like a baby the entire flight and drove back home with my mom and sister, eff all that!!

I was 21 flying standby from slc to Orlando. Ended up having to go to LAX for more options. Had to stay in a sketchy hostel overnight. Early that morning I saw a fan from Conan that won a trip for Mardi Gras the night before.

10 yrs old. HAWAII .sis got married. On flight home 747 was just our fam b/c of eclipse in HA. THE PLANE WAS MINE🤣HEADA

8 yrs old to Hawaii. Remember flying into Honolulu thinking to myself this city is huge. This isn't paradise.

First flight age 5 my dad and I flew from UT to TN for my older brother's wedding

5 years old flew to my grandpas funeral in Santa Cruz, Bolivia with my mom

First flight was age 38 to Wisconsin, took way to much Dramamine if fear of motion sickness and passed out. Was woke up by the flight attendant drooling on myself as everyone else was off the plane.

6 months old to visit fam in Indiana. Dad worked for Delta, best benefits ever!!

my first flight was when I was about 5 years old and went back to ohio. Used to fly all the time with family, but my dad stopped inviting me because when I travel I become a total smart-ass hahaha

19 - Washington DC my bro was in med school. I flew out to help with my nieces while his wife had her 3rd. Flew in, she went into labor that night. Perfect timing.

was 17 and went in my first flight and all by myself to japan

First flight I was 3 days old from Phoenix to SLC!

1986 I was 6mos ol. We went to Boston/NY/New Hampshire to meet family.

Salt Lake City to Vegas I was 23. I won a trip from work

first flight i was a junior in high school, I went to Hawaii and the Phillippeans. I get motion sick and get sick on flights and we were on like 5 flights to Cebu and I was sick the whole time. Hate it

I was 4 years old, flew from SLC to Vernal

17 yrs old first flight was to paris france

I was 24 years old and my wife was 21 years old when we both took a trip to Mexico on a plane and my daughters were 3 and 1 years old too

First flight was to Phoenix when I was 15. I went with my grandma who was 68 and it was her very first flight as well. We went to see her sister in law, her niece and great niece.

First flight was at 20 to Japan... when I was moving there

I was 18 flying to Washington DC to be a nanny. I was by myself and had to switch planes in Chicago. I was terrified!

8 years old flight on Morris Air salt lake to Seattle

this last may my first fight was skydiving for my anniversary..... I still haven't landed in a plane lol

from Sacramento to Tulsa Oklahoma by myself with a connecting flight to Denver. Leaving Denver sat next to a women smelling like bad body spray! I was 18

First flight was at 4 years old to orlando for my dads adult "make a wish" before he passed of colon cancer. Got to spend about 2 weeks with family in condos and all the parks in Florida. Super sweet memories.

1st flight 10 yrs old from so cal to nor cal with my 3 brothers to stay the summer with our cousins

my daughters 1st was slc to atl for basic training grad for my son, she was in fetal position on the floor at terminal, terrified, diarrhea, etc!

I was 29 took a 22 hour flight to China. It was just after the 911 scared to death but was guaranteed protection. Parents paid for 5, couldn't cancel wouldn't get refund

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