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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT text?

dear employer, quit telling me to just be nice to customers who are rude because we are short handed. Dear customers, quit being rude so everywhere won't be short handed!

husband, you need to get help for your depression. You're so unhappy you think divorce and quitting your job will make you happier, but the root cause won't be addressed.

hey teacher I get that it's been an insanely hard year, but if you can't keep your political views out of the classroom and your hands off my student we're going to have a little chat.

So the boss that won't Let us call in the work we work in the medical field we We should not be afraid to call him to work we should be able to come in when we're feeling well and home when we're not we are putting people out

hey auntie. I understand you leaving your mans in california and driving back to utah with the kids. But why did you leave him with us

my coworker smells SO bad. Like downstairs front and back. I'm not close enough to tell her but I can't take it anymore.

To my boss- when there are only 11 of us and 3 have quit in 30 days and 2 take a leave, the remaining few of us that work hard don't want or need their work or being told how we could do more. We know we just don't want to end up like them! #appreciateyourstaff

Hey coworker you're not a better worker than me. You wrecked the work truck twice in the same month. you should be fired and you know it!

Clean your tables and floors! So disgusting

hey KAREN worry about yourself! What the crap does it matter if ppl wait in line to get there coffee before the shop opens? Ppl don't need to change to make YOUR life easier. MIND your business!

Dear single ladies, please stop throwing yourself at guys that you know are not single. I've seen what y'all do & try to do a better job at respecting everyone, including yourself.

to the driver in the generic white pickup truck towing a flatbed trailer, check your trailer lights. I hate it when people don't do safety checks when they're hauling little trailers. Especially in the dark. And then when someone tries to get your attention to let you know, get off your stinking phone and pay attention to what appears to be your job. Hopefully you don't cause any accidents because your flatbed has no lights on

if you miss your exit or turn keep going and then make a turn don't cut everyone off and make them slam on their brakes, especially in this wet weather

Ty to WVPD for not checking if the ass hole that rear ended me had really had insurance! Filed a claim w/the insurance & driver wasn't covered, claimed denied

Hey younger brothers, QUIT FORGETTING TO FLUSH THE TOILET 🚽 AFTER YOURE DONE GOING TO BATHROOM!!! It's disgusting 🤮 when I see you're mess!!

No I wasn't on vacation during my paid Covid leave, my husband is on oxygen and asking if I had a good time while off is calling for me to snap

boss-keep favoring other office with trips, mobile spa, long lunches and see how things go when we both quit

People need to be more understanding when I have to shave your dog because you didn't brush them. It's not my fault.

to my boyfriends baby mama, please let him see his kids. Custodial interference is not a charge you want as a Healthcare worker.

why can't grown men put down the toilet seat in a unisex bathroom? Also, if you miss the trash when you throw away the paper towel, your mom isn't here to pick it up for you. How old are we here?!

I was off because my mother passed away. I wasn't on vacation. I wasn't partying or on a leisure trip. Saying, "Well, someone had to cover for you while you had a week off" and being salty about it is just pathetic.

stop dragging your feet, just let me quit, I'm burned out and have another job.

Sis inlaw is gonna get engaged this year and noone in the family likes her bf and everyone has warned her that he's creepy listen to your family

to the military guy who supposedly professed his love to me within two days, I wasn't born yesterday!! I know your a scammer, I just decided to have fun with you too and waste your time. I may be single but I'm not desperate.

hey boss, when I work hard and get my work done that's not an invitation for you to send me to bail out the same lazy ass Coworker EVERY DAMN DAY!

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