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TEXT TOPIC: What did you overhear?

I was at a coffee shop & this guy told his friend “look don’t get me wrong, you’re really pretty, but your forehead is weirdly shaped.”

overheard my father-i-l that I put such a tight leash on my son, because I said he didnt have to go down a slide if he didn't want to cause he has developmental delays. Father-i-l noticed I overheard and tried to cover it up like he wasn't saying anything about me

A girl at the store in the mall was saying to the associate "hey do you know of any stores that have like bigger sizes because my sister doesn’t fit in any of these clothes and I personally have never had to shop those kind of sizes because I’m so small...I would kill her! Oh and her sister was in the dressing room and could hear her

when I was at work I was in the break room having lunch and this girl I don’t know who she was talking on the phone and she goes “yeah everyone knows shes dead but no one knows it was you” right next to me

When i was in H.S my friends and I were at our track meet and 2 guys were walking toward us and when they past the 1 guy said "My wife only likes big things" then my buddy said "thats why she doesn't have sex with you". Jake.

I was in Idaho about 2 years ago for the state fair. And I walked by a mom and her tween son speaking to a police officer. The cop was telling the tween "do you pay for your phone bill? If not give your damn phone to your mom"

I overheard people at Walmart saying "byu tank tops.. isn't that an oxymoron? " I about died laughing. Hahaha

heard my college buddies' ex tell her girl friend that she had a secret abortion because she didn't want to marry him

I'm not going to let you leave the house with white pimples ever again.

over heard my mother in law talking to a nephew about to go to college. They were talking about what majors to do. And started talking about what majors not to do "like communication majors, so pointless." At the time I recently graduated in communication...

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