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TEXT TOPIC: Did you have a celeb on your flight?

was on a flight to LAX, McDreamy wasn't so dreamy. He looked like he had pulled an all-nighter

sat next to Rosie Greer in 1st Class from Hawaii to LA. He was crocheting, and I was cross stitching. Very Nice Guy.

Flew with the Pippens from Fiji to LA.

Rudy Gobert was on my flight to LA. I'm 6'8 and my mom noticed someone taller than me and asked me who that was

Charles Kelley was on my flight from Austin to SLC. His wife was nice and thought she needed to apologize for their 1 YO not wearing a shirt---Charles Kelley from Lady A

My girlfriend's older sister met O.J. Simpson on a flight when she was an infant with her mom and has a picture of it

A few years back I was on a flight from Georgia to SLC with former President, Jimmy Carter. He was flying business class and before take off waked the whole plane and shook everyone's hands.

Jan 2020, newark to saint maarten flight: together David Duchovny and Tea Leoni! Tea glasses and no make up. I told david i have mulder and scully barbies

we sat right next to Meg Ryan on a flight to SLC from LA. My daughter spilled her water all over Meg 🤦🏼‍♀️ she was very gracious about it and talked to and played with my daughter the whole flight.

Motley Crue and they looked way hung over

I was 2 rows behind John Legend a few years ago going to Las Vegas. When we landed nobody could go till he was off. His security was blocking the row.

as a flight attendant I have had Mitt Romney, (pre presidential election) speaker of the house John Bohner, rob gronkowski, Dan Marino and many more

I fly every week and have seen several. Wiz khalifa in Seattle over Christmas time. Dude was high as heck. Sat next to Anderson cooper headed to Atlanta and saw Jason mimosa in SLC sky club and the guy was a giant compared to everyone else in the lounge. Max from catfish was also in SLC delta lounge filming a episode in Utah.

in high school Our dance team went to Japan and Mötley Crüe was on our plane

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