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TEXT TOPIC: Something happened to make your Trip bad!

A Powell Trip started with our the rental house boat being 1 day late at the marina. Aunt got same in her eye and infected. Dog chased a lizard off a cliff and died. Last night Powell storm washed the house boat up on shore by 20 feet, sunk motor boat. And on the way home among the group 3 flat tires

Lost passport, phone and iPad in egypt. Had to cancel part of our trip due to lost passport. Boyfriend also had his first seizure. Have been on an IUD for 7+ years with no periods and got my period there and the raging cramps and nausea were constant. Airbnb bathroom flooded and seeped onto all of main floors. Came 2.5 hours early to flight home and Egyptian police wouldn't let us go through so missed flight home. Egyptian gods cursed us

went to Cancun for 10 days on the 9th day my husband tested positive for COVID. I had school the next week so I had to leave him there. He ended up having to stay there in a room by himself trying to recover from COVID for 8 more days. During his stay a Hurricane hit Mexico. Luckily it didn't hit his resort. But a few days after he left a hurricane hit his resort.

we went into Mexico and found our selves in a Mexican jail. Mexico didn't like that we rented our car our of CA. We were in jail for 12 hrs! I was the only female in the 10x10 cage!

flight from SLC to Chicago had a layover in Denver and the flight kept getting delayed for lightening. Couldn't land in Chicago, circled for so long we had to land in Nebraska to refuel and then go back up and circle. When had to just sit on the runway after landing because of lightening. Ended up taking 12 hours.

On my way from Florida to Arizona I had a layover in Chicago. Everyone boarded the plane but there was a suspicious activity from a person. He demanded to exit the plane after boards were closed, refused to get any of his baggage on the plane and changed his clothes when he was in the lobby. They had to do a bomb scan.

drove to California with two little kids, MIL, and husband. Clutch Broke on our brand new Volkswagen one hour outside of Anaheim on the freeway. Had to pay For a rental. Plus everyone got the stomach flu. Didn't make it to Disneyland.

In college I was long distance w/ my high school sweetheart. Utah and PA. I was flying back to school from visiting him in philly. They had awful winter weather. 1st flight cancelled. Next day, we were on the tarmac for 5-6 hours waiting in line to get a defroster sprayed on the plane. I hate that airport now

my family and I traveled to Europe last year beginning of March. We had been to three countries before Trump announced he was closing the borders due to Covid numbers rising. My in-laws had to pay 20 grand to get us home safely on some of the last flights out of Europe into the US. No flight has enough seats for all of us. So We all had to separate and It was insanity!

2 weeks in Europe, flew back to Vegas and realized we lost the only key to the car somewhere in Germany. Had to rekey the car and then drive to SLC.

Drove to CA from UT with the girl I was dating. Her ex reached out on the 12 hour drive and gave her ptsd about men. Went to her moms house to stay. Super awkward. Didn’t know how to act because she was not comfortable with me anymore. She eventually kicked me out 3 days early. Most of my stuff wasn’t TSA approved so I had to fly with 80% of my luggage still in CA.

Vacation in Singapore in 2019, 3 legs of flight to get home: Singapore > Japan > PDX > SLC. SLC had a thunderstorm so pilot couldn't land, he kept spiraling in the sky. Ended up flying to Pocatello ID, sat on tarmac for 4ish hours. Last leg from PDX > SLC was supposed to be shortest flight, ended up being a 9 hour flight.

After 24+ hours traveling with 3 kids to Switzerland, our luggage was lost. While we were waiting for our luggage to arrive from the previous airport, there was a bomb scare and so we weren't allowed back in the airport for a long time. We finally got back in and got our luggage and still had to drive 4 hours to our destination. I have NEVER been more tired in my whole life and hated Europe until I got a full nights sleep.

My mom died the morning we were scheduled to fly home. Needless to say, I'll never go to Florida again

Went on a trip to Mexico. Tried to cross the boarder at Tijuana to get back to Cali and my husband was arrested. It was a case of mistaken identity. He spent a couple hours cuffed and ankle chained to a metal table while I sat in the car surrounded by drug sniffing dogs. Good times.

Stuck on the tarmac for 3 hrs. From Copenhagen to Madrid. Long day of traveling. My 5 yo LO was the only child on the flight. Ppl were getting upset and yelling at the staff. it was hot on the plane and the staff wasn't giving any drinks. My LO started cryiny silently. Everyone stopped yelling and consoled her. Ended with having to sleep at the airport.

My husband and I tried to go to Barbados for the honeymoon we never got to take last year. Tried to go this week and they said we were ok with covid tests but when we got there that said we needed vaccines

One time we were headed over to Argentina and when we were halfway there the pilot got on and said there was a volcano that erupted in Chile and had closed all the airports in Argentina so we had to turn around and come back to Atlanta

Came back from Kauai (red eye) Overbooked flight, offered to take later 1. Bird flew into plane engine and stranded us until 4 am. LAX plane got resched 8x. Then stuck on tarmac for 2 hrs.

My sister and her husband flew to St. Thomas on Friday. Supposed to return this weekend. I hope they can make it home!

Flying from CO Springs to Denver last week and a lady passed away on the plane before we landed. Seeing all the EMTs, CPR, etc and knowing she didn't make it was kinda traumatic :(

Went to Hawaii in June, hubbies Covid test didn't come back until the night we arrived ended up spending two hours in the airport trying to figure it all out

found out on my honeymoon cruise that my new husband had already cheated on me. Ruined the cruise.

Drove our toy hauler 16 hours to the Oregon coast with 2 blown trailer tires, hubby blacked out drunk first night there and acted a friggin fool, dry camped for 7 nights with a puking son and a runny bum daughter. Another tire blew on the journey home. Ah, memories.

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