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TEXT TOPIC: What needs to be finished at your house?

my father in law has a she shed installed so my mother in law could have a place to do her crafts and he could have an office. Over a year later it's still an unorganized mess

My husband started redoing the bathroom last year I bought a vanity from Habitat for Humanity and it was done a week after he started the bathroom and nothing else has been done in the bathroom sense in the vanity still sitting in the garage

Inside panel of glass broke in the kitchen window above sink.Hide it with a plant.Windows have lifetime warranty!Still dont wanna deal with terrible company :(

washroom is a skeleton (just boards), mud room 12 years, baseboards in living room (just need to be nailed to wall) 3years

My basement shower hot water valve. The shower leaks and I took the handles off over a year ago. So now I have. 1.5 bath instead of 1 3/4U

Unfinished projects or need repair call me.

Broken laundry room door w/huge hole from dog. Broke 4 like 6 years. Pocket doors are huge PITA 2 work on. We just leave it open & deal w/laundry noise.

My boyfriend was remodeling the kitchen when we first started dating . It still isn't finished... it's been 7 years

My in-laws have not had a kitchen floor for the entire nine years I have known them. I doubt at this point they ever will

Stair railing and carpeting for stairs. Carpet has been removed. My fault for just letting it sit. Kind of a ' not sure what to do' kind of thing!

Dad is a handyman. His motto is "Pleasing other men's wives." 99% of his customers are the wives. He says he does what other men can't, won't, or shouldn't.

We haven't had a light over our bathroom vanity for months. I turn on the closet light and shower light to see the counter

I have many of these. My front door is the same yellow it was when we moved in. Base boards need painting and put back up just to name a few

We have a patched door to our basement that was hit by a door knob, the new door is in the garage we've lived here six years.

I use my credit cards to buy and pay for everything then pay off the balance each month. No debt. Get all the reward miles and points.....and sweet credit scores.

Unfinished project: sorting&donating baby clothes. "Baby" just turned 7.So many plastic totes! 2 dang sentimental about memories

I have a broken window in my living room that needs to be fixed. happened back in may when i was out of town for the night. i keep putting it off cuz i don't know who to call to fix a broken window?! any tips???

I purchased our outside security cameras 2 years ago. Not doing much good sitting on the coat rack shelf.

My husband ripped out the kitchen at the beginning of the pandemic. Started on it but still hasn't finished. He suffers from anxiety and depression so it's always weighing on him. No stove or sink is driving me crazy.

We got new countertops in our Kitchen in May, we had to tear out the splash to replace it with tile that matched. Needless to say we still have the torn up drywall splash look. Summer is too busy. Winter project!

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