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TEXT TOPIC: Did you make a pop culture reference and it fell flat?

I told a guy I was training "u killing me smalls" everyone laugh next day got called to HR 😂

Singing 'don't worry. Be happy.' And whistling after. None of my teenage employees get it.

that was awesome... thanks for sharing the dumb, ugh

hubby and I are helping our son set up his VM on his phone. He was supposed to hit the pound sign when he was done. We were telling him hit the pound sign and he looked confused. His sister then says "Hashtag" Richard and he was like oh

Where is that reunion on f& Maybe I need to keep loading more, but I'm into material from a couple of days ago already

Big family pics with my grandma and all of my family. My cousin's husband's talked my husband into doing the Chandler smile (from friends), he didn't know the reference, but did it anyway. Needless to say, all of the big group pics have my husband with this ridiculous smile in them. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Nobody gets my Airplane references, "We got to get him to a hospital" "A Hospital? What is it?" "It's a

80% of my communication is done through quotes. In church once, someone asked "what is pain?" Me: "French bread!" #RememberTheTitans

whenever I say "tin roof" most people don't respond with "rusted". Hey can they not know the B 52s Love Shack?!?!

To my kids "it's raining do you need an umbrella Ella Ella ? I get eye rolls

they've brought back the show fantasy island but without replacing tattoo

thawed out a London broil, went to check on it & couldn't find it in the fridge, So I said "where's the beef?!" nothing

dumb and dumber quote, big gulps huh... well see ya

dude where's my car?

Did you touch my drums? I was watching cops

My favorites. Drop it like it's hot! That pen can write in space. It's a festavus miracle! 1st rule of fight club.

i feel good. I'm zero and zero

in Park City @ lunch w my hubby's coworkers wife's. My husband has a very professional type of career and I made a reference to Chris Farley SNL & said "Yumm these fries are good" and they all just stared at me. Not good

My husband is a heavy equipment operator he was running a dingo one day came home and told me about it. I made the joking reference of the dingo ate your baby. He had no idea what I was talking about. He's 41, I'm 32 .

When I was first dating my husband in high school. I said a Joey reference which was "how you doin" in joeys voice of course. But my husband did not get it. So now we have watched all of them

seems any classic Jim Carrey quote especially Dumb & Dumber falls flat on anyone younger than 30.

I've done the Michael Scott. "that's what she said" and had some giggle and some look at me like I'm crazy.

I feel like in this day and age if I reference Harry Potter and you don't get it... instant defriending is necessary 😉

several years ago at Lagoon rented a locker & at the end of the day you got a $2 deposit back or you could get a toy or some thing like that. When they asked what I wanted "I said I want my $2!" The same way the paper boy does from the movie better off dead & they just looked at me like I was an idiot

My kids were at a public pool and the pool had to be cleared out because they thought there was poop in it. So I say," Maybe it's just a Babyruth." Blank stares is what I received. Um yeah I will just go sit in the corner with my Bengay. I had kids at 35 & 37 so I'm use to bring the oldest parent at partys. #caddyshack

I was at work and something happened and I said "danger will robinson" not one person even know what it was or heard of lost in space 🤦🏼‍♀️

yesterday day I used the "I left my (insert thing here) in my other pants" and everyone was like you can fit that in your pants? Age gap.

Close to 8 years ago, a small plane w/2 men went missing. I was dating a guy 7 years younger at the time 🙄 I said "if Tatu was still around, he'd find the plane". Guys. Total, complete crickets. 😐 He'd never even heard of Fantasy Island. 👵🏼

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