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TEXT TOPIC: Did you work for someone shady?

my husband worked with a horrible dude for a sketchy company. It's actually the same company that Jen Shaw was involved with! The guy that my hubby worked with made him "partner" and then put everything under my husbands name cause he had a "clean record". Then the guy dipped out and moved to Vegas, leaving all fees and debt in my husbands name. It was a HORRIBLE couple years for us after that. We are just barely getting back on our feet.

Not major, but I worked in Family Practice and there were a lot of HIPAA violations to the point that if someone found out, most likely none of the providers would have practiced again. Didn't report it because I'd be black balled.

all the partners were getting paid 30K a month and they weren't paying any of their vendors.

I started a job at a supposed law firm. It was actually a company that helped other people with tax evasion. I quit the second day.

A company I used to work for would withhold the employee payroll taxes but not pay them to the irs. I reported them to the irs and the owner is serving jail time now

I was working on a emergency food company and the warehouse manager was selling pallets full of food without anyone knowing, I'm pretty sure that he did it for 10 + years. The company fired him an sued him for alot of money.

Exec sexually harassed an employee. Good friend was there and backed the complaint. Friend got fired. Exec got promoted to COO.

I delivered newspapers for just over a year and if you didn't know, the newspaper distributors are all individual LLC companies. All of the carriers knew that the LLC owner was skimming all of our tips. On top of that, carriers only get paid $.40 per paper delivered and it's a customer complains about their paper being late or delivered to the wrong location, the carrier gets punished by paying a two dollar fee for every complaint.

I worked in payroll and my boss wanted me to give negative bonus. Which would make the employee make less then minimum wage. I told him it was Against the law I won't do it. He ended up having someone else do it. But it drove me insane eventually quit.

in high school I worked in retail - A supervisor and the supervisor above me would come up to the service desk and ask me to change prices on things and tell me that things were on sale and they just weren't marked yet or random things like that and she would have me like ring things up improperly. well obviously I knew she was not telling the truth because she was definitely a crackhead! So I worked with our loss prevention team and we caught her basically and she got fired!

my boss was committing time theft clocking in at home(before it was normal) we had to call the police and he was arrested Mid-day with customers in the store and everything. It was wild

I left a job after 4 months because they refused to let me make payments on their $3million, two years late federal taxes. All while getting loans to buy new furniture and a new building. Hell to the no.

Worked at an it company, owners daughter selling seniors by using deceptive tacit. Told them many time, fcc raided us

Worked for a major company in Utah. My location GM would use the company card ford personal expenses, paint, power tools etc. He kept everything

I worked for a construction company. The owner was totally dishonest. Constantly overbilled for draws from the lender for projects we were Working on, but wouldn't pay the sun contractors. He's keep the money. I couldn't take it anymore and quit. Then called the vendors and told them how to file with the insurance company to get paid

My boss who everyone loves, at the time was basically embezzling money based off of commissions. She would put fake orders in on really people's credit cards (she had some of the bigger clients) the numbers didn't match up, I caught it and I told on her. At first no one believed me. Then I told her boss and showed proof. And he was like fine I'll look into it, but I don't wanna here anymore about it. I went on vacation and came back and she had been fired. And the funny thing was her hubby worked in the state pen.

when I lived in Texas working for a cement company. Started to realize that semis that would bring our materials some of the semis were marked. Cartel was bringing pounds of drugs. I quit so fast when I found out.

I worked for someone that was a presidential candidate. The FEC filings we all lies. They were stealing millions. You'll never tell me running for office and campaign fund raising isn't all about $$ LOTS of it

I worked for a jewelry store and the district manager sold fake jewelry as real. My boss would pay herself for 12 hours when she worked 4. Quit with one day notice

former boss would decided when to pay the payroll taxes and when not too. most of the time she never paid the state or IRS for taxes withheld from checks. She took lavish vacations instead. left before IRS showed up.

My brother worked for a phone company and they didn't give him a single day off in 2 months, they charged for "ghost" lines to elderly people because they didn't know that's they had more lines on their plans...

cleaned an office for a year. Our boss let us go when we were on maternity leave. Found out he was paying us 200 and pocketing 300 each month

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