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TEXT TOPIC: Are you in an unconventional relationship?

My husband and I are not really married, but I have the ring, kids, etc.. We sleep in separate rooms, we just cannot sleep together, that’s when we get on each other's nerves 🤣 It works, we are faithful, it's been 14 years.

My hubby is a true believing Mormon, I'm a bit of an anti mormon. We get along great. No animosity. Going strong for over 20 years.

been together 5 years and we sleep in separate bedrooms. My partner often has a hard time sleeping and doesn't want to wake me up with moving around. I also like to sleep with the dogs in the room and my partner worries about setting them off if he gets up. We've talked about not having the dogs in the room but it still ends up being easier for us to have different rooms.

been married 28 years he lives in California I live here

I met someone on a dating website and it has been the best two years of straight hooking up. No other obligations just about once a week with just a tonight ;) text and it's perfect. I don't have to worry about any relationship stuff lol

My man & I sleep in our own rooms. When we want something we have a date night with each other. He is 17 yrs older, we've been 2gether for 27 yrs. It works 4 us.

me and my husband own our own adult production company. He is my camera man and films me with other men and women! Our sex life is on fire and we make a high 5 figures a month! Works great for us!!

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