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TEXT TOPIC: What happened when you were hooking up in the car?

I got pregnant at 17 in the back of a car

So...uh... she was...or she had her head in my lap down by Utah Lake and things were going well when cop lights lit up behind the car. Sat up, covered up and I hear "Hi <my name>!" A childhood neighbor was on a ride along.

cops nocked on the window. They made me get out and questioned me to make sure I was there on my own free will. Ugh yep! 🙃 oh my embarrassing!

We were getting busy in the car when an officer pulled up and made the hubby get out of the car to i.d him & asked me if I was ok with what was going on. He ruined the mood for sure.

My hubby and I got it on in our little Mazda Protege when we were first married (11 years ago) in the Thanksgiving Point Parking lot! Had a great sexy time, then when we got out of the car afterwards to get back in the front seat, I looked and there was a security camera RIGHT NEXT TO OUR CAR. We didn't notice of course until after so someone got a good show that night. 😂 Now my hubby is a police officer and we can't have sex in our car anymore because if we get "caught", he could lose his job. Soooo thanks a lot for the career choice babe! 😜 No more boom boom in the car! Lol

so me and hubby did it in our new car. Got steamy and I thought it would be silly to write SEX on the window. Next Sunday we take my parents to church and show off new car. It was cold and got foggy and my mom said out loud SEX? Umm oops hahaha

pulled up a dark road on Bacchus, climbed into the back of the minivan and started when a cop pulled up and knocked on the back window. Mood killer.

Well I have had many yummy years of car fun...this year I found out I am getting old!! I pulled a couple muscles and had to stop!!!

My ex lived with his parents, so we hopped in the car and went to a dead end street. A cop rolled up. He was polite and gave us enough time to get dressed. He ran our ID'S and asked me if I was there at my own free will. My bf asked "what about me?" As the cop walked away saying "carry on and have a good night"

it was actually when I lost my virginity the guy took me to his mom's mini van parked in the driveway in broad daylight and she walked out and caught us and screamed and I threw on my pants and just ran away lol

in the car, had Utah county sheriff's roll up on me multiple times as a Young Man. Hobble Creek canyon, diamond fork canyon, Utah lake, we were young and lived with our parents. David always ask if she was there on her own free will. She replied I wouldn't be screaming yes if I wasn't.

we were getting it on and the cop shined his flashlight in the window, so he jumped up and put my pants on thinking they were his. So when the police officer asked for his drivers license he reached in my pockets and couldn't find his wallet, so he had to reach in the backseat and grab his pants

a cop interrupted just as we were getting started in the parking lot of a movie theater. We moved it to a park and he found us again

so with my wife at the time, we had gone to a nice restaurant in slc. There was some road head on the way home. Apparently she gagged a little to hard, and lost a little bit of dinner on my lap. Still had 45 min drive home..

in bf's truck at a cemetery. Cop knocked on the window cuz someone saw & reported. Got a warning.

we were in high school and this was at a park. The cop knocked on our window and we were caught with everything off. My dad who was also a Sheriff knew this officer so of course he told him and I was busted.

years ago I took a date "star gazing", in the middle of the winter in the middle of no where. Hooked up inside, tried to get out on the road and got stuck in 3 feet deep of snow. No service on either phone. -14° degrees and 1/4 tank of gas---14° out and no traffic or cars passed by for hours. Finally found a square shovel on somebody's bed and took me 2 hours outside to dig us a path back to the road. Last time I tried to show off in the winter

windows up, getting it on, and he farted!!

decided to have some sugar with my boyfriend on a piece of property I wanted to make an offer on. All the sudden a knock on the window, yes, the owners to the property! Obviously There was no offer made on that property! Lol

At age 16 my girlfriend at the time was in the mood and asked if I could stay the night so her mom allowed it around 1230 at night my girlfriend shows up to the living room to have fun time gets on top both of us are pant less and her mom comes out as she was being loud well my girlfriend ran inside her room naked and left me naked on the floor while her mom was looking at me

Fooling around with the ex I couldnt quit, went to his work for his lunch break, got a huge friction burn on my knee from it rubbing on the door. So painful

a couple months ago went to hook up with a guy in his truck. Pull up and am waiting when another guy knocks on my window asking if I'm waiting for this guy. I said yes and he said he was too. Then when the other guy showed up it ended up being this big argument between the two other guys because the first guy was blowing off the 2nd guy to hook up with me.

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