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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT text?

I am so mad that I try to date people and all they do is lie or ghost me or use me like I don't know how much money I spend on gas to go and see people out of my way and when I ask to split the bill or anything it is a big issue and they end up ghosting me I just don't get it like I'm just upset about dating in general like I'm old-school what happened to people going out on dates what happened to people buying flowers and opening the door for you like I don't get it anymore I'm so mad about it

Carol suck it. You are such a pain in the ass! The world does not evolve around you. You don't know everything! Piss off!

Ok so parents of kids on teams. Participate. If you don't it's kind of like voting, your opinion doesn't matter. Pay to play people. Chip in, it won't kill you and I'm not your daycare.

Fellow car enthusiasts in utah. Stop ruining car meets by doing burnouts and revving. Theres a time and place

We all know you're stealing our food. Your ever growing size and garbage mess in your room is so obvious, let us help you for crying out loud! We all see it!

to the POS that scanned my grandma out of $3800. You'll get yours! Cards shut off and numbers changed! F U!!!

to the person that thought it was a safe idea to change lanes right in front of me, I had no idea you were there I could not see you over my hood. Make sure you can see the driver of the truck you're pulling in front of before changing lanes, jackass. 🤬 (I'm a truck driver, long nose Peterbilt)

the left lane is for passing, PLEASE move over!!!!!

Red light at the crosswalk all traffic is stopped and backed up so kids can walk red light stops so traffic can move kids keep crossing everywhere and anywhere not paying attention to the crosswalk signs if I have to follow the rules on the crosswalk sign you better follow the rules kids

Hey Penske truck, you're not a small car. Stop weaving in and out of traffic like you are.

If I had known that you were an alcoholic and drink every day I would've never dated you, sucks now that I'm stuck

women who want only want one friend. One of my besties has found a toxic leech that hates every other woman on the planet. So we will get put in a texting group abs she will immediately get mad that it's "blowing up her phone". I may or may not aggravate the situation at times

stop stalking me I ended it over a month ago cuz ur psycho

my best friend is bailing on my wedding and she was going to be my maid of honor wedding less than 3 weeks away like you shouldn't have agreed when I first asked

we waited an hour for the bride and groom to show up for photos.. they didn't show up till the reception.. busy have sex still annoyed they wasted everyone's time.

Don't get a job just so u can say ur employed. If u don't plan on ever goin, it doesn't count.

Dear Ex, please stop reaching out every few weeks. You broke up with me and it's been 2 years. I haven't reached out, you haven't changed. You're still a shitty person. Please stop.

hey ex hubby. Your a POS person and dad. You deserve everything that's happening right now.

come on boss you are an executive you need to give more than two weeks notice before you leave!

so frustrated when you sell something and people don't follow through!! Buy the dang item when you want it.

would be nice if my ex would stop telling me how to parent

To all the Jr high and high school boys. Mullets really are not cute or cool. Even if you perm it. It wasn't cute when your dads had them. And definitely not cute in 2021.

don't get mad when i talk to you like my mom when you talk to me like your daughter. You can't have it both ways

dear ex-husband, you're only hurting the kids by letting your new wife control when you can see them. Grow a pair, be there for your kids you already have and stop having more.

Amen to the dating scene frustration! Ladies, there are good guys out there. Stop dating the d-bags then complaining there's no one to date.

Dear Utah County. Hands down you are the worst at sitting in the left lane & not moving over to let people pass.

The speed limit in a school zone is 20. Not 25 or 30. Stop tailgating me. I'm going the speed limit!!

just because you don't want to be involved with your kids life Doesn't make me the bad person that's definitely you

Maybe if you weren't drunk at 10:30am you may be able to count

dear tool- you lied and said you weren't married, messed with me until I figured it out. And now are reaching out again because you're supposedly getting a divorce?! Hell no!

Driving slow is just as dangerous as driving fast. Find your gas pedal people!

I want to let all of slc that Denise is the def of a b word. She left me but more importantly our 2 daughters to hook up with an ex and have a baby with that person. Now she's trying to get custody of out daughters. FU Denise

Hey motorcycles, it’s fine if you “filter” through traffic, but when the light turns green, “GO!” If you ride slow, just stay behind the traffic, no need to go to the front.

Dear Grandma. Stop holding out hope your POS narcissistic son is going to step up and be a part of his son's life. It's been a year and he didn't even call to wish him a happy birthday. Get over it and grow up.

Dear cemetery workers..Could you please watch where you're going when you're mowing around headstones. I went to decorate my dad and son's grave yesterday and there is a big chunk out of the corner of my dad's headstone! Also a tire mark, So pissed off!

being a divorced kid sucks. Stop arguing right in front of me about who I have more love and respect for. Because right now I have no respect for either of you

scammer pretending to be Amazon, you had me scared for minute, but I reported you to them and you didn't get my info. Hope you get robbed for however much you've scammed others for.

Ex in-laws: stop trying to guilt trip my kids. You supported their dads affair, planned a secret wedding, hosted it, and no one thought to even tell my kids he was dating let alone married! They are mad and hurt. Your guilt trip to try to talk to them only makes it worse!

Dear soon to be ex mother in law, good luck at trying to take my kids away by your lying and deceit. Keep it up and I'll make it so you'll never see them again. Loser!!

dear parents stop complaining about coaches putting your kid in a different position, when you let them fake sick to miss practice and go golfing.

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