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TEXT TOPIC: What are you missing and looking for right now?

we lost our fire stick remote and it is so frustrating! It's such a tiny remote and the other fire stick remote doesn't work on the particular one, looked everywhere it's so annoying to not be able to watch TV in our living room!

my freaking speaker charger. I've been looking for 2 weeks

I have misplaced my favorite beatle mask my darling daughter made for me! Hope she's listening so she can make me another one.

my wireless headphones! They disappeared when I had Covid, can't find them. I know when I order more I'll find them!

I moved about a month ago and have been looking for my iPad ever since

I've been procrastinating in replacing my daughters passport it's been almost 2 years and finally broke down to get a replacement so we can travel again. Ugh worst I KNOW ITS HERE AT HOME SOMEWHERE

my wedding rings.

I lost this really cool, colorful necklace I got in Nepal. Super sad about it. If you see it, let me know. If you stole it, I'm on to you.

my sister lost a bookcase during one of her moves. Still to this day no one knows where it went

I can't find my camera battery charger! And I'm a photographer!

my favorite toy charger!

I lost some perfectly fitting Oakley sunglasses ten years ago, I lost them in my old truck, or they were stolen out of there. Super sad :(

3 brand new pairs of ballet shoes. I think they may have accidentally got thrown out because they were still in the bag they came in.

lost my favorite ring. Probably in Europe somewhere. Just replaced some sunglasses i lost and they just aren't the same

Lost my welding gloves that I use to play with my dog Jupiter. And her collar

my dog that we sent to heaven 3 years ago had a favorite devil squeaky toy. We lost it before he passed away and still can't find it. Makes me so sad!

I am missing my glasses. I can't remember where I had them last and haven't seen them in weeks. I'm not one that needs them 100% of the time but they help when I get headaches and the last couple weeks have sucked not having them.

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