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TEXT TOPIC: They seemed perfect until what happened?!!

Thought I was gonna marry her. Talked with her parents, co-signed on our future family car with her. 3 weeks after getting the car, we “weren’t compatible” and she wanted to live the “young party life” while she “still could”

He spent the weekend at his ex’s place it was ok bcuz he stayed in the kids room

Dating a guy, was going good until he kissed me. He could not kiss! It was like a dead stiff fish. I couldn't stand it. So I ended it.

one of the biggest reasons my marriage didn't last was because of how clingy and dependent on me he was. New guy knows this but after a few weeks, Is becoming the exactly same way. I already have kids. I don't need another.

My ex was careless about his gun he left it everywhere and then when my son feel asleep on my bed. My ex come to my place n put his gun on my bed where my son was. I kicked/ broke up him out as soon as I seen it.

Was in LOVE with a woman I met this year. She was so amazing and we got into an argument about a month over something silly and I thought nothing of it. Well turns out she would get “triggered" over everything and she would start arguments at least 4 days every week. One time we had a 3 hour fight because I moved my shoulder when she was leaning on me and my shoulder had just twitched

always asking for the cookie

racist slur from 10 to 0!

making sexual comments

an ex boyfriend took his trash and left it ON the drive up window of a coffee place we were ordering from. When I called him out on it he said "he's helping someone keep their job by picking up HIS trash". delusional. Didn't last very long after that.

I met this guy at my place of work. Very cute, very charming. We went out and he was so sweet. 🙄 Then I found out he's married. His wife called me in the middle of the night.

A man who disrespects his mother! Such a turnoff !!

he was dirty and not in a good way. Didn't throw away trash. His car smelled like a landfill and cigarettes. Full of garbage, it would fall out when you opened the door. And it was a new car. I only saw it once and that was enough. He also didnt wear underwear even with jeans. Just a nasty, dirty, stinky, dude

10 to -10 Seemingly perfect, beautiful girl. Seriously thought I could marry her until I saw her making fun of a handicapped kid. That was it. I don't think there's anything a person could do to show how ugly they are as a person.

Date a guy for a few months and he self deprecated so much and it got super old. I confronted him about it and he said that's just how I am so deal with it... I chose not to! Major turn off to constantly have to reassure him!

I was on an amazing first date until the girl rolled down her window littered. Big turn off!

went to lunch a guy my brother set me up with. I had seen pics and texted him so I was good with lunch. As soon as he started and talking I knew immediately I wasn't into him anymore! His teeth were so huge like cartoon teeth. All pics I had seen he was smiling with no teeth

dating a guy. Bought him lower bowl tickets to jazz/Lakers for Christmas. He bailed to go to Disneyland with his family-that was fine, but he didn't even bring me a gift. We'd been dating for 6 months. No christmas gift at all... Wtf?!

Recently I feel like he looks at me as a sexual object. All he ever does is touch me sexually no innocent touching at all. I feel like it's not love, he objectified females before me. Now I feel like I shouldn't be here

blew his nose on the street by closing one nostril and blowing boogers out of the other. No tissue

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