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TEXT TOPIC: Who are you secretly messing with right now?

I messed with my best friend a bit ago and pretended to be a crazy stalker that he once dated and actually convinced him that she had found where he was living

I had a tech teacher in HS who had it out for me. My bff and I found out the # to her class phone and we'd call during class just so she'd stop talking

My sister's ex husband! He tried to hit on me when they were married. I kept signing him up to be contacted by the LDS Church to be a member so they kept contacting him and he was the most anti-LDS person I've ever met.

My brothers ex girlfriend is a terrible person. I like to subscribe to junk ads in her name so that she gets solicited with calls and emails.

My neighbor is a huge bitch. Ultimate Karen. I call her all the time all hours of the night. She needs to move already!

When I was in high school my cousin and I found one of those prank dialer websites and used it to call my dad. It was some guy supposedly yelling at my dad saying that he knows that my dad was stealing his newspaper and he wanted him to stop stealing it. my dad was answering at the perfect times of the recording and the guy says that he was going to come over and kick my dad's ass and my dad goes come on over I'll be waiting outside. So we hang out and wait about five minutes and call him and ask him if he's outside waiting to kick some ass and we all just bust up laughing

After my divorce I was pissed that I kept getting my ex's mail. He and his new wife (my former friend) should have some grief too. So I signed up for magazine offers with my name and sent everything to their address. Fair is fair! Lol

my bf and I were 10 and decided to mess with our friend in school. Called after school one day "Hi, this is Ann from the Disney Channel and if you can name 5 of the 7 dwarves in 30 seconds or less, you'll win an all expense paid trip to Disneyland for four. Ready, go!" We did this for about 3 months. She told us all about it and we about DIED laughing each time. NEVER TOLD HER it was us haha

A boyfriend cheated on me. Since then, when ever a guy asks for my number, I give them his number with his sister's name.

Had a friend that left a hit and run note on my new car as a joke so i put his home up for sale. He was getting phone calls for a week!

I love 2 mess w/ my hubs! I was pregnant & cleaned out a lotion container & filled it w/ pudding. The look he had watching me eat "lotion" was the best!

I work at a dealership and When a coworker has really piss me off I will post their vehicle on ksl for super cheap and Wes their phone number as text only. It is awesome to see their response

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