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TEXT TOPIC: What happened over the weekend?

wife and I booked our 1 year anniversary flights to Hawaii last night. Didn't get much of a honeymoon last year thanks to covid

this weekend we hiked up BCC. We got lost and went on a longer hike than planned, but the leaves 🍃🍁 are changing so we didn't care at all

I just got hired as a new full-time teacher in Davis school district. So I spent my weekend setting up my new classroom

Went to a baseball tournament in Logan for my son. Baseball fields are my happy place.

I spent my weekend with a guy I adore and love and he doesn't feel the same. I wish him well & I had to walk away. It was the right thing but I'm heartbroken. I love him but I love me more! 👍

I lead my sons soccer team to a 3-0 win for the season

celebrated my birthday on Saturday with my family in Salina

Found out I was pregnant this weekend so I need some prayers fourth pregnancy zero

Friday night we binge watch all the episodes to the new Netflix series squid games its so good and then Saturday went to go build some oogie boogie,Jack and Sally bears at build a bear workshop for my daughters and relax at home

my son had a baseball tournament in cache valley and took first place in the 12u silver division!

went to the wings and wheels festival in Spanish Fork! Such a fun air show and really awesome racing.

the went undefeated and scored over 90 runs in 5 games. Way to go Legends!!!

spent my weekend helping my dog deliver 7 healthy Dalmatian puppies! I'm in love.

this weekend went to Kanab with my mom and daughter, we visited Bryce Canyon, Coral Pink Sand Dunes and Belly of the dragon. I love UT!

went to the witch fest at Gardner Village on Saturday

Spent the weekend at Nitro Rallycross races with my son. Loved watching him live his best life!!

I got engaged at the top of Angel's Landing this weekend

Over the weekend I went to the BSU versus Utah State game! 27 to 3 baby.. Then Sunday I decorated our walls with decoration and pictures that have been stored at boxes since we moved into our new home in May.. figured now is a better time than any.

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