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TEXT TOPIC: What is your spouse useless in? or you?

I'm useless at picking up. I can't not clean all the way, so if there's not enough time to do that nothing happens.

my husband is useless in the bedroom

I am the hubby in a relationship and I am worthless nursing our little boy. Tried. It didn’t work.

i'm worthless at anything electronics and he's worthless at anything handyman.

my partner is useless at driving and parking. Seems like every time I take the car to the car wash there's a new dent or scratch

My BF is so good at so many things but he can't cook, laundry he throws it all in together and he doesn't pick up after the dogs. If he does he pukes.

Where do I even begin... housework period... helping out with anything

I am useless at yard work. Can't keep a plastic plant alive. Which is why I bought a townhome with no yard.

Jess I'm so glad I'm not alone! To be fair... it's not all my fault... I have 4 kids who for some reason are afraid to flush the toilet... it's gross

I'm not as good as deep cleaning as my wife but I am able to be a little more organized than her and of course after almost 9 years there isn't no pleasure or intimacy I have to make myself ejaculate

My girlfriend told me im not allowed to do laundry since apparently I didnt do it right. So she does laundry and I do dishes she hates dishes.

I cannot, for the life of me unclog the toilet! My husband has to rescue me every time

Mantra In stillness I receive What belongs to me Comes to me! ~Motivational Massage

I hate to clean after work, I would rather tinker and do stuff outside

My wife hates to do dishes and clean with 3 kids under the age of 2.

I’m outing myself. I’m no good in the kitchen. My husband is an amazing cook. So much so that when he started traveling my kids were worried about what they were going to eat for dinner LOL

My spouse is useless with the TV remote and all other electronics.

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