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TEXT TOPIC: Accidentally sent a text to someone when you were talking crap!

I was venting to a friend about what my husband thinks is cleaning. I sent it to him and it started a huge fight. Not good.

You guys are the ones that get me in trouble. I've text in the past meaning to send a text to you and it inadvertently goes to the intended party.

Thought I was texting my husband about our nephews who are rude to our children, nope I was texting the nephews mother.....she never brought it up and we sent a text and told her it was for someone else....

I have two conversations online going, one with a couple of closer co-workers and one with the whole team. Then I typed something about one of the teammates, but I sent it to the wrong group. So the whole team saw how and what I thought about this girl.

I was on the receiving end of one of those texts. I called them out. They tried hard to say they meant to send to me but u really get out of that one

I've taken a screenshot of texts to talk smack and I've sent it to the original conversation. The trick to try to play it off is saying, "what do you mean by this?"

Accidently text my boss when I was supposed to be texting a coworker. Was telling the coworker that our boss was being a girl.....luckily I didn't use the boss' name so I'm hoping he just thought I accidently text him, when I was supposed to be texting someone else

For one of your text topics I wrote a blunt text about my husband being a terrible cry baby. Accidentally sent it to him instead of you guys.

Wrong text. I accidentally sent my MIL a text talking crap about how if she doesnt stop talking to me I was going to lose my mind. We worked together at the time and she was driving me crazy. I meant to send it to my husband. She just sent a text back saying message received. We are not as close now as we once were. It's for the best it was affecting my husband and I's relationship.

I asked someone if their family wanted to come over for a get together and she text me what she meant to send to her hubby, saying they could use their daughter as an excuse to leave early

Send a text to all of my sisters when I was angry at my husband and said that I wanted to mop the floor with his big fat face. My husband saw the text on my phone I was just say I was paying for that one for a little while.

my mom made a video talking crap on the neighbor and instead of posting it in her friend group she posted it on her Facebook page and the neighbor saw

My mom is notorious for texting the "wrong person". I think she does it on purpose to stir the pot. Sometimes she'll even make stuff up.

I worked @ a lawfirm & we had a B of a client. I sent an email about her to the atty titled "Lovely Shelly" The idiot atty responded and cc'ed the client!

My mother in law was talking crap about me and accidentally sent it to my husband instead of his sister.

Bestie was divorced, but was still hooking it up with her ex on occasion. Forwarded me an email about their latest tryst and I responded back to her ex......??

One time I was taking screenshots of a conversation I was having with one of my friends in high school and sending them to another friend and talking about how dramatic the first friend was and I accidentally sent the screenshots to the original girl. She said why are you sending those to someone? I tried to play it off like I was trying to delete them but it didn't go over too well. Needless to say we didn't really talk after that. I hope that makes sense! It was so embarrassing!

Mother In law called my mom a bitch the day before our wedding through text. Which was meant for my step mom.

My son plays on a little league football so we use an app called team snap where everyone can see the conversations our team mom at the time was talking crap about another mom of a player and put it on the group chat instead of in a pm... She called her a hot mess!

I have a bully at work that isn't very smart because she sends instant messages about me to me on accident and then always tries to cover it up

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