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TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a weird or strange collection?

for the past 15 years I've kept every bike tube I've swapped out from being flat. I train soccer teams and we've transformed them into workout bands. Chatty Kathy = Listener Matt (Ace of Base non-fan)---Bike tube collector...forgot to mention I have about 2000 tubes from all of those flats I've swapped out and just this year started using them for resistance bands with soccer training. My wife was going to make me throw them out, but couldn't.

I have a collection of old Disney VHS movies. Periodically I will go to the DI and try to find ones I dont have

my daughter collects monster energy drink cans. She has so many they have taken over her room. She says she is going make some kind of artwork with them but it drives me crazy??

My son's eighth grade English teacher has 27 jars of chewed gum in her classroom. She has been collecting it for years. Disgusting.

I collect random rocks I pick up, every where, if it speaks to me, I pick it up

I collect liquor bottles that I think are cool looking. Even if the alcohol is terrible I will finish it and keep the bottle.

I collect fortune cookie fortunes. I keep all that I've ever gotten and I date them to remember when I got them.

My dad collects mason jars and has since he was in college. He has hundreds of jars and his collection is worth tens of thousands of dollars.

I collect heavy objects. Valve covers and other just heavy things. Even have a fire hydrant.

I collect Lanyards I have around 30.

Used to collect belly button lint....until I got wife ended that quickly

My friend keeps her old chapsticks. She finishes the entire thing and then puts the empty container in a ziplock bag. She has hundreds! I have never even finished one!

my daughter also collects weird bones, skulls, dead spiders and bugs and anything creepy or Halloween relates. Oddities and curiosities was perfect for her (she went) it is here every Sept. It was at the MACU center this year

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