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TEXT TOPIC: Did you receive an inheritance or are you getting one

I have 3 other siblings and my mom has a retirement that I believe is up to almost 500,000 and she will split that between us equally

5 million, from my mom (dad passed away 20 yrs ago). It isn't my money though.

I'll split almost 3 million 3 ways but I told my parents to spend it ALL before the pass I'll enjoy their memory

My Mother in law got 4 million from her dad when he passed.

I have a large family. We had a great aunt that we didn't know existed and she left each of us $2500. It paid for our trip to Australia to see family

my husband just found out his parents aren't leaving him with any inheritance! They are giving it all to the grandkids. By the time they get it they may be in their late 40's . They are splitting 40 million 4 ways.

my dad died 15+ years ago, when I was 17, he had life Ins. All the sibs got a chunk. Around 20k each. I BLEW through it within 2 years. Don't even know on what. Wish I wouldn't have got it till I was 30 or older.

when my grandparents passed away the money was split between all 7 children my dad included. My uncle then passed away and left that amount to me and all of cousins (there are 11 of us). I got around $9000 worth of stocks. Makes we wonder how big of an inheritance my grandparents left in total. Crazy

my kids got 5000 each from their great gma. Each of her kids got 30000. Their gma had died and so her money was passed to her kids and because my kids dad had passed they got his share. Very loving generous way to handle it. They didnt have to do it. Much love and respect to his aunts for doing it this way.

got $10,000 from my grandpa when I was 17. I think of it now I wish I was older when I got the money. It went to many beanie babies (??) and a senior trip to HI w/ friends and towards a car. Lots of memories lol

My brother and I are set to receive a little over 2 million when our parents pass away. But we have told our parents to live life to the fullest and spend as much as they want, as we aren't dying to get the money and would rather them enjoy the rest of their retirement and life. Only thing that sucks is covid is keeping them from traveling Internationally that they've planned on their whole life.

So my wife got an inheritance from her aunt that we was able to use at the reproductive care center and now have a set of triplets that are 16 years old.

My dad passed away a few years ago and had wanted all the grands to get his money. He had set it aside for them specifically. My mom decided to give it to all of them last year instead of waiting until she passed. Each of the 13 all got 10k

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