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TEXT TOPIC: What happened on the plane?

Just this weekend on a flight to LAX, a gentleman was kicked off the flight for lighting up a joint in the plane bathroom upon boarding!

when I was a kid we were on a long flight from US to Japan and they were passing out stuff that looked like burritos...I bit into one and just about gagged..turns out it was a hot towel in the shape of a burrito

I was flying to LA from here and the guy sitting next to me thought it was appropriate to start a conversation about 9/11 with me. It was terrifying. I was a teenage girl and he was middle aged.

flight back from iceland to LA someone tried to light a cigarette, they were arrested upon getting to US because it's a federal offense. Pilot mentioned how much fuel we were sitting on. Dummy!

flew into Dallas. The descend down was pretty bumpy and rocky when we got closer to landing. The lady sitting in front of me got out of her seat and started walking swiftly to the back of the plane and they told her to sit down her reply was she was going to throw up. She didn't have a bag and someone handed one to her and as she sat down she threw up. I turned up earphones and looked away and prayed I didn't smell it, so that I didn't have an issue.

back in the 90's on a southwest flight from here to Southern California and half way thru the flight a guy decided to light up a cigarette flight attendant came over asked him to put it out and he fought with the lady.

I had a two year old and I was flying to Germany and I sat down next to a lady who is a little bit older about four hours into the flights my baby was screaming and crying and I could not get him to stop the lady looked at me and said some of us know how to take care of our children well I put my kid in the seat next to me I put my headphones in and let him scream for two hours

I joined the mile high club.

had a broken foot and could not bear any weight. i had to go to the bathroom and couldn't wait. Opened the overhead baggage to get my crutches and one fell out on the head of the passenger sitting in front of me! I was mortified. I apologized profusely but she was clearly upset, understandably. I cried in the bathroom.

one time I was on this flight and they delayed takeoff for about 45 mins. Everyone was getting super mad and this one lady gasped in surprise and said "oh crap, I'm on the wrong flight!" And the flight attendants helped her get her stuff and get off the plane. Turns out we were delayed because there were too many passengers and not enough seats on the plane- they didn't match up. It was one of those planes where you picked your seats so they couldn't figure out who it was

flying to Japan, they brought a hot towel as we were about to land. Guy next to me shoves it down his pants, cleans that up, and then proceeds to wipe his face and his hair down, after he washed his crotch!!!!

My son is a flight attendant he says people right now are just the worst. He has had to kick several people off the plane or have the police meet the plane at the gate with supervisor to put on the can't fly list People be kind.

one time I was in Chicago and we were delayed for TWO HOURS. It was late at night and everyone was exhausted, babies were crying and just when we thought it couldn't get worse some one ripped one and it STUNK. Someone yelled, "JESUS CHRIST WHAT IS THAT SMELL" everyone was coughing and pissed. They then gave us the option to get off the plane as we were still grounded due to bad weather and having sat down for almost 3 hours by then.

One time when I was a kid, maybe 9 years old, I was on a flight to California. I was crammed in the middle seat between a very large man, and on my other side was a lady with a baby. 20 minutes into the flight, the mother puts down the tray and sets her baby on it, and starts changing its POOPY diaper right in front of my face. I was never the same since. It's not like I could slide away because the large man was cramming me right up next to the lady with the poopy baby.

I pooped in the toilet and found out why they ask you not to flush paper towels. The Plane didnt have to land because it was a 45 min flight, but the entire back of the plane smelled. 10/10 have and would do it again

this weeknd a guy had been drinkng & startd fight, wouldnt put on mask, swearng, wouldnt get off plane, made evry1 get off 2 get him off.

Night flight coming back from Maui... everyone is asleep and I have a few pillows to help make me comfortable. I wake up halfway through the flight and all of my pillows are gone, just gone. I must have been sleeping deep but not after that... no other pillows available.

It was our first flight with my daughter she just learned to walk and we were super nervous to fly with her anyway. She fell asleep before take off but because I ran around with her (I'm not in shape nor what I too active) during take off I told my husband I think I am going to throw up so he looked for a bag there were none in the seat back pockets so totally threw up in my shirt.

I went to Denver the middle part of last month for work and when we landed in Denver everyone got up and rushed to the front to get off someone took my carry on that had my work uniforms, boots, socks and underwear in it. Mine was a hard shell black suitcase and the one that was left on the plane was a soft shell blue suitcase.

Stuck on the tarmac for 3 hrs. From Copenhagen to Madrid. Long day of traveling. My 5 yo LO was the only child on the flight. Ppl were getting upset and yelling at the staff. it was hot on the plane and the staff wasn't giving any drinks. My LO started cryiny silently. Everyone stopped yelling and consoled her.

It was me. Circling SLC, with turbulence. I ended up sick, discretely using the air sick bag. Thankful for nice seatmates. (I was in the middle.) So embarrassing.

my husband had an older gentleman resting his butt on my husbands shoulder while he was talking with his friends in our aisle.

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