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TEXT TOPIC: What was your first job?

Arby's, lasted a week, fired when I handed a customer a mop to clean up after her child who spilled all the drinks I had just made for them.

When I was 16, I started 7 years in the pizza industry. Little Caesars, Pizza Hut, Papa John's, and Domino's. Then I decided I was done

First job I was 16 and worked at a photo studio. Worst time of year was the holidays when parents would knowingly bring their kids in during their naptime and expect him to be pleasant and smile and refused to leave until they got a good picture

I was a hot dogger at Hot Dog on a Stick

my first job was Lagoon at 14 as a ticket cashier. It was an amazing experience and taught me so many social skills.

My first job was age 14 was at 7-11. I full on worked the register even selling beer and cigarettes. It's crazy thinking about it now that im 38. 

I started as a Library worker in Davis County and kept it until I graduated from college. First job in my field foreclosure law firm. Terrible job!

worked on a dairy farm milking cows. There was never a dull moment.

worked for AmEx. I was 19. Now I'm 38 with an 840 credit score and teach credit building and maintenance as a side gig

first job was lagoon, and the week I worked there I worked the fountain that's right as you enter the park.

Classic skating. So much fun and I'm still friends with people I met 20 years later

worked at a dry cleaning/laundry mat. Totally unsupervised all the time! It was awesome. Dance parties every night!! My friends were always there. And I got paid for it!

1st job was Grifols Biomat, called SeraCare back then. Worked there for 5 years and absolutely loved it!

When I was 14, I worked making chocolate dipped frozen bananas at an arts fair in Tahoe!

bagged groceries when I was 14 at Columbus AFB in Mississippi and my pay was tips only.

First job at 15, Chic fil a! My pleasure.

my very first job was at Arctic Circle in Magna lol I've now been in transportation for 25 years!

Bike mechanic @ 14. Took my first bike apart at the age of 8 after seeing the movie Breaking Away...just kept going with it. Became an engineer and passed things on to my 15 yr old son today.

milked cows at 13!! Loved it

Reams in the boots & jeans dept also in Magna both for about a year each

first job was cleaning houses, I was 14 years old, I quit after 2 months, you couldnt pay me enough to clean up pubic hair in bathrooms, my brain is forever burned with that image

I was a party character (clown, princess, etc) made balloon animals and painted faces made $20 an hour at 15!

I was a Soda Jerk (hostess) at Galaxy Diner in Ogden from 1999-2000.

18 @Sallys beauty supply store

My first job was and I was 14 at a medical billing and coding company. We would grade the test for the students to become medical billers and coders

First job was hostess at wingers. Worked there for about 5 years and worked my way to assistant manager. Did other restaurants for another 6 years I'm glad I'm no longer in the field.

I was a tire tech at a local tire shop for 7 years. It's where I got my love for cars.

first job was working at a bed and breakfast ironing bed sheets, and cleaning rooms

Peter Piper Pizza when I was 16 one of the funnest jobs I had

My first job was scooping dog poop at a vet I now clean adult poop as a nurse

First job in 6th grade was at the Heber Valley Fun Club! Just an FYI for Frankie - my dad and his friends built it.

First job Raging Waters lifeguard. Perfect for raging hormones off a teen boy!! We would three night parties and turn on all the sides... Amazing memories! Class of '04

first job I was a sandwich and yogurt making "specialist" at Hogi Yogi in a Bountiful :)

first job Skipper Seafood Restaurant.

worked at the kangaroo zoo for my first job. Unlike what it sounds, it's a bounce house play place for kids. I get teased so bad for it haha

15 worked at a banquet hall. As a set up and server, blew my paychecks on ice neighborhood cream truck ??

Orange Julius at 15 in Crossroads Mall. My boss was a Ho and came to "work" with Hickeys all over her neck from the Mall Security Guy!

My first job was at Buds Drive in, in Ogden. It was like those drive up and order places.. I think the kids wore skates even at one point! I was 14! Yummy old fashioned burgers, fries and milkshakes! ??

cleaning tanning beds and filing at an insurance company, both paid me under the table. First legit job was a shaved ice shake before they got popular, the tips were awesome

neighborhood ice cream truck.

first job was a cook at a girls scout camp. I worked 15 to 16 hour days Monday through Saturday and only made $250 a week. Slave labor!

worked in trolley square back in the day pulling and wrapping taffy. Everyone liked to watch the taffy puller go in the store.

Car hop at porkys

first job babysitting the neighbors daughter then ride operator at lagoon

cashier at office max Age 16... I have addiction to pens! Lol

Worked at Hickory Farms when I 14. I was the gal that offered the sample of the beef stick.

First job Denneys dishwasher $6.25 hr Now Massage therapist for almost 20 years 100k +yr

my first job was at Hollywood connections. Ride operator. Little kids are mean

First job. Worked in the kitchen at a reception center called The Old Meeting House.

I ran the games for a travailing Carnival

my first job was when I was 15 at Boondocks food and fun

worked at Hardee's at the Delta Center

Gift wrapper at ZCMI. Now a nurse for 26 years.

first job- Baskin Robbins for about 6 months when I was 16.

My first job was working at little caesars pizza.

around 18, I worked as an in room dining server at a country club/resort/spa in TX. I got asked to eat dinner with a very forward guy in speedo, amusingly brought food to help sober up drunk guests security was dealing with, served a NFL player, and the pastry chef made me cheesecake on my last day

Lagoon games at 14. Blew everything I made at Hot Topic

Bus boy – Fajita Willey’s

First job Sports Park in sandy. Worked the redemption/token/golf counter. So much fun! My 16 year old boyfriend and his cousin loved it because I would just give them free cups of tokens. Great teenage job! Great memories! I think I earned $5.25/hr.

First job was Burger King at age 16. I would get mad at customers that put soda in a water cup ??

East coast subs was first job in "98" I was 16 and still eat there till this day best subs in Utah

Boston Market in Bountiful Too bad they went out of business in Utah. They were sooooo good!

first job was a ride operator at fun dome!!

I can't believe I'm the first one to text this. HOGLE ZOO. So much fun!!

my first job was at Central Park when I was 13 getting paid under the table

My first job was delivering newspapers for years when I was really young teenager and my first official job was at stop and shop vac and groceries now it's a vasa fitness center

97.1 first job was at the local movie theatre working for a terrorist. Could not leave until the popcorn machine was spotless- could not have one streak. I mean that's not easy. Combo of oil, butter in a glass machine- 14-15 yr olds, some dudes, it sucked!

First job was at Rocky Mountain raceways. I had just turned 16.

at 15 first job was at Tasty's donut shop in so jo. Super fun with a bunch of teenage employees. After working there for a year or so I came to work for my very first early in the morning shift to a sign on the door saying it had closed. That's how I found out I lost my job haha

My first job was working as a tanning bed cleaner. I was 14 I got to tan for free and I got really really dark!

Five guys! Cut my fingers open with a knife.

first job was Busch gardens Williamsburg running roller coasters. I though I was the ish at the time lol

first job was Cinemark in Sugarhouse. Free movies and popcorn lol

First job was Kmart .. I was laid off 3 weeks after a started ??

my first job was Quizno's

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