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TEXT TOPIC: PAT! Get something off your chest with Passive Aggressive Tues!


quit wasting time on her. Invest your time on worthwhile people. She is a lost cause, let her go

u cheated on ur husband & got knocked up then tried to lie about it involving me. U are shady af that's why my husband isn't comfortable with me hanging out w/ u duh

dear mother in law stop asking when I'm having more babies. Constant reminders of my losses aren't needed. Worry about your own uterus!

You have said and done such horrible things to me...over and over again. I'm finally done, and you think giving me "time to calm down" will change that? Not ever again...and stop sending messages through the kids. Grow up.

Hey mother in law you Only an ally to lgbtq when its convenient and hate to break it to you but yes you are racist even if you like me

dear south salt lake residents: I am a garbag man and STOP putting your garbage cans inches from your makes our jobs hard/dangerous when we have to get out to move them

Karen's of the Facebook layton community group complaining about how the smiths food semi truck drivers are parking and causing issues on sugar street..... SHUT UP be grateful they are actually there bringing you needed supplies especially in covid times!!!! UGH.... thanks I feel better already!!

the yellow light means you should start stopping. Blowing through that last part of a yellow creates a chain reaction. For the love, please just stop.

if you're getting onto the freeway get up to freeway speed or stay off the road. Semi trucks get a pass

if you can't handle your emotions and a discussion causes you to punch a wall 3 times and freaking out then go see a therapy. I'm over the excuses of your behavior. If you can't get help I'm about to kick you out of my life. You may have birthed me but I do not deserve this treatment and neither do my kids. Toxic is toxic

hey Chris, you're a horrible pharmacist and so rude. Retire already. No one likes you

Lady at Red Robin, don't get all upset when they bring out your food before you've finished the appetizer. So the kitchen staff is efficient. Not sorry

Hayden. You suck. Love me.

dear teens: be grateful. stop being such Richards

dear husband, I've grown weary of your "divorce" threats. I'll make good on your threat if you refuse to get help for your mental illness.

you chose to leave the family. What makes you think you deserve to know about our lives

hey my own Latino/Hispanic community.why y'all the only ones commenting and gasping when I say I'm only 5 mo prego and look like I'm 9. Shut your mouth if nothing kind comes out of it

people pay attention to the signs on the freeway, when a sign says a lane is exit only don't wait till the last minute to change lanes. You drive the same route ever day. Because of you I was rear ended last week.

To the person who decided to play I-80 Freeway Slalom with the orange cones at 5:20 in the morning, two words for you..... JERK WEED.

it's great that you're so worried about the elites/ruling class taking over the country. could you worry more about getting your own place 3 years rent free and I'm over it

maybe you wouldn't be so far behind on your work if you didn't take 3 45 minute breaks every day. I've only been there for a month and I can already see the problem is not the workload it's you.

please driver I know Utah loves road construction. So please drive the posted 55 mph limit. Keep these working safe.

dear ex mother in law, yeah YOU choose to not be a part of your grandkids lives cause you hated my mom an was jealous of her, don't you dare blame me. Mkay!

Dear millennials at Black Bear Diner in Jordan Landing on Sunday. You heard the person standing in the line to put our name on the list tell the person in front of you, where the line was, go back to the end of the line. Don't proceed to butt in front of 10 others that are in line. We don't owe it to you!!

Dear mistress, I know you met him at NA and he flew you to California and took you to park city, he is married and I'm not on with this. Back the eff off because the divorce had not happened yet. Women shouldn't do that to other women

I haven't blocked you nor have I told my kids they couldn't talk to you. You just don't want to reach out to talk to them. Also I am not using people I don't need help. So thanks for the input I am not to blame for any of this you are but as a narcissist you honestly don't care who you hurt. Hope it's worth it.

I love you but I wish you spent more time/ cared if I cum instead it all being about your pleasure. You get upset I don't initiate but why would I when I know I won't be satisfied?

hey Nicole, you suck and are a horrible friend

no dad, your failure to tell me about something you wanted me at last minute does not mean I am going to reschedule everything just to be there. If I'm not a priority to you, why should you be a priority to me!

stop paying all of your 41 year old sons bills and ignoring his child support, hes not going to get a job if you pay everything He needs to support his kids

For my one co worker and her minion, you are not the boss! Stay in your effin lane!!

MIL & FIL you are both narcissistic jerks. Your not gonna be happy til none of us want anything to do with you!

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