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TEXT TOPIC: Are you in a tough marriage season right now?

Been married almost 20 years and I am 37 so I think that has been a struggle in itself but a bit ago he called me an effin Bitch in front of our son and then I saw on his Facebook he had previous girlfriends and sexual partners on there I see it as disrespectful because I didn't know!! Been in the spare bedroom for a month. Idk what to do

me and my girl aren't doing the greatest because we got in a huge fight 3 months ago and I realized I was being a POS and toxic..being mean, not holding a job, etc.

we are luckily on the mend but sometimes we as individuals aren't aware that we are being toxic

Hubby & I struggling. He admitted he's been resenting me for all 10 years of our relationship because he didn't get to "party" in college, and he married me for financial reasons not for right reasons. What do I do?

been over 6 months, sex won't happen unless I initiate it! I am a woman that needs to feel wanted

Broke up w/my BF in June, been living together since. Hoping we might salvage... He's moving out on Friday. BitterSweet and heart broken. It's been 6 years.

hard time for sure. Been married for 19 years on September 7th and it was also the anniversary of 1 year of being involuntarily celibate! Not even intimate at all. It's like we are roommates and it's all because I'm overweight so he isn't attracted to me.

Going through a dry spell. No sex since February. My husband has gained so much weight, it's extremely uncomfortable and painful. He won't do anything to change.

My bf wants to hold onto the single, independent life & also be in a relationship. Our issues stem from single people inserting themselves and causing problems & he has trouble communicating & being vulnerable with me.

I have no libido, my husband does. My hormones levels are fine; so frustrating.

currently going through a though time in my marriage. Only been married for a year and I feel that my hubby is selfish. Is always what he wants and even though he doesn't tell no to getting my hair and nails done I do have to hold myself to get then done for longer so I can get him what he wants. He also stopped being romantic and makes it seem like is not a big deal that he forgot my birthday just cuz he was super busy at work, have to tell him a lot of times i want flowers and still takes him forever to decide to bring me some and we're hardly ever intimate cuz he doesn't feel like it and the couple of time we've had this year I felt like I was raping him. I feel he doesn't care anymore since we are married.

My relationship is affected by politics Which is so dumb to fight about! My fianc is so intense with it and I just don't see things his way and it's definitely been driving a huge wedge! I feel like it's making him look at me differently. Just not good.

my husband just lost his temper over absolutely nothing this weekend and asked for a divorce, so we're trying to figure out what to do. Hopefully quitting his job helps

20 years, different rooms for six years snoring. He has ED, won't do anything about it won't talk to his dr,

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