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TEXT TOPIC: What Happened Over Your Weekend?

Got a pet chameleon for my son when he was about Axels age. As a joke we wrapped the live crickets in the cricket keeper and had him unwrap them first. He was so excited about the "pet" crickets I was like "who knew" I could have saved all that money spent on the Chameleon and just gave him crickets.

Went up to park city with sisters! Stayed in a condo all weekend. No kids or hubby. Had a full weekend of eating, shopping, nails, late night talks and a much-needed break. Sunday took a covid test as I'm getting induced on Wednesday!

We celebrated my daughter's 3rd birthday on Sunday. It was so fun to be with our family and friends. Best part was she had a blast.

My one year old started walking!! So proud of him, he's been delayed in most milestones.

My husband and I Got my bearded dragons new enclosure finished she's now in a two story mansion, she's so spoiled my little taco

I turned 21! weekend in park city!

Basketball players name is Dikembe Mutumbo Give me a shout out lol James from west jordan

I was volunteering for FanX since Wednesday up until yesterday working on the Transportation Team shout out to them! We have the best group :)

My Son Remington got his First over the Fence HOMERUN!!! It was so awesome!!

This weekend I went on a date that went terribly. While I was there my date wouldn't talk to me and kept going off with his friends. The silver lining about this is that another guy started talking to me and we hit it off! God is good haha

I saw Erica Hansen in concert in Layton. She was awesome!

If you're not willing to Take risks, You'll have to Settle for the Ordinary ~Motivational Massage

My weekend was legit! Friday night I went and seen Gabriel Iglesias. Live comedy is so much better than the TV

Had a very long weekend and went to FanX all 3 days it was great to be attend with other con goers! Cosplayed with a group of close friends as Klingons on Saturday.

My almost 8 year old learned how to ride a bike! Now we can't keep him off is the bike. Ha ha

We picked up a new cali kingsnake on Saturday, Saturday, rescued a leopard gecko from PetSmart.

met a girl named Natalie this weekend, I'm excited to take to her!

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