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TEXT TOPIC: Did you want to go after someone physically but you didn't?

when I found out my girl was cheating on me it was with a coworker of ours who I trusted and had a very good relationship with him. I almost went after him when I picked her up from work after I found out

my wife left me for my "friend" x yrs ago, at the time I thought about burning his house down, thank god I didn't cause I have full custody of my kids now

Was working at a construction site as a new hire. Constantly getting yelled at for not knowing what to do. Considered taking a shovel that I had the time and hitting the person yelling at me across the face. Thank God I didn't.

had a girl in college secretly move into my roomate's room, she was awful! Stole me stuff, started rumors about me, just a bully. She approached me in Taco Bell one day and I almost threw down right there. Stormed out instead.

several years ago a neighbor interfered with my family dealings and I blame her for partially destroying my marriage and my family. I even now want to go and hurt her but it's not worth it in the long term. God will take care of what she did the end.

Found out my ex's new girlfriend (my former friend) was swimming every afternoon in my ex's complex with my kids. Headed over there to catch them and confront her. I was coming in hot. That day they got out of the pool early. It was a blessing they weren't there.

I almost went after my my husband's ex wife when she told my husband that he "needed to control the b***h." There is a reason we have full custody and we would have lost that if I pulled out the momma bear.

Rommate was slandering me because he was just one of those guys that would put people down when they felt threatened. Was going to lay him out, but remembered his dad had a lot of attorneys

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