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TEXT TOPIC: Generational Miscommunications with your kids!

I said "Come on, come on! Big Money! No Whammy!!!" Yeah, kid's face stayed blank. "You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?" "No."

I have a bad habit of making my kids look at me sideways. Had a serious convo with my youngest and the end my advice was "be kind, rewind" He has no idea that we used to be charged if we didn't rewind VHS rentals.

telling kiddos the symbol on their headphones means it works in a CD player. WTF is a CD, Mom?! #mademyselffeelold

So when I was a kid capris recalled knickers, songs were flip-flops, and every time I call leggings stretch pants my daughters like mom they're leggings LOL and we said pop not soda, I could go on for days

earlier in the year I was moving and my brother And his kids all 3 12 and under. were there. I cleaning y garage and I ran back inside all excited, I had found my pogs and slammers. My 2 nieces a nephew were so confused. My nephew says you played with coins. That sounds super lame.

I recently quoted a line from Ace Venture Pet Detective to my niece. She looked at me like I had 2 heads! LOL

I asked someone at work the other day if they what time my bracelet in a square knot and they had no idea what I was talking about. These kids were in their 30s and they did not know what a square knot was

told my 3 year old she was coocoo for coco puffs. No idea w I was talking about

I told my daughter she was being a "negative Nancy" and she said "I don't know what a Nancy is or a negative" lololol took me a minute to stop laughing.

I always say "your mom goes to college" and my 11 year old twins look at me like I'm crazy. I made them then watch Neapolitan dynomite and they think I'm weird for even liking the movie and still think I'm weird for saying it ?????????

My kid got a blue sucker all over his face and I said "you look like you made out with a smurf". The had no idea what a smurf was...

I said to my kids what's the most annoying noise in the world a d made a weird noise (dumb and dumber) they looked at me like o was the weirdest person in the world

I was talking about Brittany Spears and my 14 yr old son said "who the heck is that" mind blown!!!

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