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TEXT TOPIC: Did you accidently walk up to the wrong car?

I started loading my heavy AF cement bags into a truck that look identical to mine. Had to hurry and get it back out before the owner came out!

hubby and I buy and sell cars. I often forget what I am driving. Got in a silver Hyundai in Walmart. Put key in ignition. Wouldn't start. About to call hubby for help. Lady knocked in hs window... un it was her silver Hyundai

wrng car. The manufacturers only have like 300 master keys that they alternate between. We used to have a '88 car and '94 car the keys were interchangeable

My grandma got into another maroon cadi as they would never lock there doors then, and was wondering who had been in her car smoking as there was cigarette butts and garbage. It took her a while to determine it was not her car.

my boss got in the wrong car at our work. Sat in the driver seat, wondered why the seat was where it was then looked around and realized, wait, this isn't my car!!

My aunt was at Walmart unloading her groceries into her pickup and a man was walking towards her say "keep putting it in there", she didn't understand at first then she seen it was not her pick up.

got done with a haircut and went to what I thought was my car. Opened it up, got in, and saw that the center console was open and work backpack was gone from passengers seat. Freaking out cuz I thought all my stuff was stolen. Car had the exact same air freshener on the rear view mirror too!

had Honda cord several years ago and came to the parking lot opened a car that looked like mine with my keys and when started loading my groceries in noticed a car seat and dog hair everywhere. I didn't have children or a dog at that point. So I slowly got my groceries and left.

my sister went into the wrong car at the drive in after going and getting popcorn. Completely sat in the car with the family watching the movie looked around and realized her mistake. She was a teen

on vacay in Puerto Rico I walked up and put my hand on the door realize the man sitting in the driver seat is NOT my husband I look over and my husband is looking so confused

I was on a road trip in college and we stopped at WalMart for some snacks and the same car, color and year even UT license plates, was parked right next to me. Pulling the handle couldn't figure out why we couldn't get in, the real owners walked up and I realized we were in the next stall

leaving the fashion place mall with s friend. It's pouring rain we run up to my car and I'm fumbling to get my keys in the door (way before fabs!). My friend is like come on and I look into the car and don't recognize the interior. I look up and go this isn't my car! We both laugh and start running away looking for my car!

was coming out of target and tried to push start my car. When it wouldn't start I thought holy crap my battery died. Not until I realized the car I was sitting in was realy clean and there were no car seats in the back that I was sitting in the wrong car.

One time me and my buddy went to mcdonalds and we parked our car next to an identical rav4. As we were leaving, we noticed these two older women trying to get into the car. I told my buddy to unlock the car and they got in and tried to start it. We walked over and they were so confused. They realized they were in the wrong car and that they were parked next to us but we just had the same model car.

When I was younger my family went on a road trip in our purple suburban. We stopped at a gas station and my dad ran inside to go to the bathroom. When he came out, he climbed back in the suburban, except it was the suburban next to us and there was an entire different family inside.

One time I took my dads car to the doctor. When I came back out, I forgot I had driven his car, and I climbed into the wrong car. I was so confused as to why the seats were extra cushioned and why there was a handicap pass hanging from the mirror. Then I realized it wasn't my car. Whoever owned the car forgot to lock it. It was so embarrassing getting out and going to my car.

My sweet grandma was sitting in a grocery store parking lot. A man opened the driver door and got in her van. She turned to him and said "umm can I help you". He just immediately got back out

got into "my" white car and there was a guy sitting in the passenger seat! I said, "this isn't my car is it?" He said nope, but good luck finding yours!????

came out of IFA with a big bad fertilizer and an evening's worth of work on my mind and jumped into my car. Someone screamed behind me, I screamed, I jumped out looked at the person, looked at the car, and then got into mine two stalls away.

We were leaving Cowabunga bay and my son opened the door to a Tahoe thinking it was ours. He opened the door and there were kids in there. I see him looking so confused. I yell from across the parking lot. "That's not our car" ??

We were leaving Chili's and my daughter needed to use the bathroom. We told her we'd meet her in the car. We see her come out and jump into another car and immediately jump out. The family of the car were sitting in there waiting for their table to be ready.

One of my friends had a family van she went grocery shopping without the kids she loaded the groceries in the back of the van got in to start the van and she looked around and no car seats in the back it was not her van

I was walking out of the post office looking at my mail while walking to my car. Once I got to my car and had my hand in the door handle I look up an notice it wasn't my car and some guy was sitting in the drivers seat. I was so embarrassed He rolled down his window and invited me to get in ???????

left my daughter in the car Junior high age ran in to get a couple of drinks came back and a lady had tried to get into the running vehicle thank goodness my daughter was in the car

Me the wife and our son came out of the grocery store. We all headed to a SUV that looked like ours. Me and the wife quickly realized it wasn't ours, but my son stood there for a minute trying to open it. The look on his face was priceless when he realized what he done.

I was sitting outside of a store finishing a call when a woman opened my passenger door & climbed in. Fear turning to realization when I said hello and asked how I could help her. ??????

On Maui at the crater. Kids were getting cold from the wind so went back to the car. I followed but husband was taking pics still. He came walking back got in the car next to us while we were sitting there looking at him from our car window. He finally looks over and sees us and jumps out. We are laughing like crazy he jumps in saying he was wondering were we were and why there was an apple in the seat of the car

my grandma started loading my cousins and I into the wrong car, driver was so confused/terrified, all of us littlest were confused, we were 4 or 5

My aunt came out of the store and started loading groceries in the back of what she thought was their truck. The whole time, her husband is watching her do this while sitting in their correct car. Even watched her get in the van with this random guy

got into the wrong car and when I sat down, there was trash everywhere. I thought someone had opened my door and just threw a bunch of trash in my car. Then I realized it wasn't my car.

I loaded all my groceries and walked a long way to put back my cart. I went back to NOT my car and got in and it wouldn't start. After a couple minutes I realized the backseat did not have the groceries I just loaded.

my husband was waiting in the car and some lady fully got in before realizing she was in our car not hers ??

white jeep parked right where I thought I had parked. It was open. Loaded in my groceries and jumped in the drivers seat. Not my car!!!

Mother got into a car like hers and sat down in the driver's and it had passengers in it and they were like wtf get out of our car!

Had a rental, snuck out of church and sat in the car. I started going through stuff and after about 4 mins realized it wasn't out rental. Ours was 5 cars down. Same color same car.

I didn't get IN another car but once I had run into the post office and came back out to the wrong car and said "I need another quarter!"

I was sitting in the bank parking lot, and some lady came and sat in the back seat of my car next to my baby. And she realized she was in the wrong car. Wasn't even the same car or color. Haha

I left my car running while running inside to pick up my kids from daycare! Me and my kids headed back outside to the car all three of us got into the car we thought was ours! However it wasn't! Where my car was parked with stolen! All within a matter of 10 minutes or so... The same color car parked where my car idling so we thought that it was the same car but it wasn't! (They never found out who stole my car either!)

an old coworker was getting picked up at work by her husband. As she was walking out she was talking on the phone she walks up to a van that was the same color as hers not the same model nor make. She was yanking at the passenger door handle since it was locked she started pointing at the lock. Still not realizing it wasn't her van. She looked up and was mortified it wasn't her husband. He was parked right behind it

My kids and I sat in our car at the Movie theater parking lot while my husband went to get the ticket early. I was in the front seat, a stranger lady opened the door and sat in the driver seat We were both shocked that she just came into our car No one said anything she walked out and went to her car that was next to our. She had the exact same brand car as us. lol

Had a new car for about a week. Went to the store tried getting into what looked like my old car, but it was not my car.

Back in the 70s my mom and her family took a road trip to NYC in their RV. They parked on the side of the road somewhere to go into a store and my mom who was 12 stayed in the RV with her 1 year old brother. Someone had mistaken their RV for theirs, got in, went to the table and started eating a banana. When he heard the baby making noises he looked up, saw my mom in shock, dropped the banana and got tf out of there. My mom still tells the story to this day

newlywed, new car. Hubby dropped me off at the door of Maceys. Came out jumped into the wrong car. Not my hubby in drivers seat. Jumped out***

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