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TEXT TOPIC: What is a first for you as an adult?

35 years old. Last week I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the first time. I still don't understand the hype, it was kinda gross.

When I was a child I was raped my mothers father I told her when I was 19 years she told me not to tell anyone. This had made me not want to have a relationship with her. I sometimes feel like I hate her since she still talks to him. And acts like nothing happened

Just saw that the activist has been pulled from the schedule

I promise my grandma I would never leave her after she told me why she was crying, I didn't know my mom had told her that we were moving and I didn't know that either. months later we moved and four days later my grandma passed. I blame myself for that still to this day. Two days after her passing I was sexualy harassed by my aunt's husband and thought that was my punishment but I know that's not true but I still haven't told anyone

I travel at least once a year for about 11 years now. I'm 28 years old I just bought my own luggage whereas before I borrowed my moms'. Amazon has amazing luggage at low prices

Almost 28 years old and just bought a Costco membership yesterday. Feel very adult now.

I'm 42 and my son just convinced me to try my first quarter pounder. It was ok.

I'm 35 I just got my very first credit card!!

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