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TEXT TOPIC: A Traumatic Experience You Couldn't Talk About

Was sexually assaulted when I was in my early teens. Though a few friends were aware, I never really talked about it. I'm currently in Therapy dealing with that and other trauma's in my life. It's been Fifteen years since it happened.

Traumatic experience I had at 6 years old. I was molested by a neighbor. I didn't talk about it until I started therapy at the age of 26. It gets easier to talk about each time I talk about it. I'm now 40 and doing great.

My dad died in my arms Christmas Day. I started doing CPR and he came back for a second for us to tell him that we loved him and then he was out again. An ambulance and firetruck showed up and everybody left in the ambulance and left the firetruck there.

I was raped by my then boyfriend and it took me 5 years to realize it was rape.

I was diagnosed with MS years ago. Didn't tell anyone, my symptoms were mostly invisible. Now my slow walking is starting to show, I now blog and advocate

I was raped when I was 17 took about 8 years before I told my family and 10 before I'd openly talk about it. There's a lot of shame and guilt with any sexual assault

I never talked about the abuse from my uncle and grandpa when I was a teenager until I got sober 25 years later. Holding it in caused me so much pain. But talking about now has helped me heal & be a stronger sober woman.

I was raped when I was 17 never told anyone

It took me about 10 years to finally be ok to talk about this. But I went through a glass door when I was 14. I mean I almost lost my life due to how the glass cut my skin. I still live with it every day. I see the scars every day.

Was 18 when I was sexually abused. Parent witnessed it and didn't do anything. It's hard but that relationship is still strained almost 10 years later

just wanted to let you know there was a fire in Pleasant View right off 2700 North Highway 89 roads are blocked off for about a mile south of 2700 North

my ex husband drugged and raped me during our divorce process. Than he tried to say it was consensual and than it changed to I drugged myself to try to frame him. I've struggled to talk about it with anyone and it happened in 2014.

I was molested as a child by an adult male who was best friends with my parents. I was 5. It took me 29 years to tell them. 36 now. Still healing..

traumatic My experience is being in Iraq and seeing a father carry his half burnt, half alive son in his arms

I am 25 now, a male, I was molested as a kid by a family "friends" son and his friends. To all my fellow male victims seek therapy it's helped me with my own mental health struggles.

PSA for the veterans out there. There is free marriage and family counseling at the Vet center. My husband is in charge of the Sacramento center. Not to be confused with the VA. Totally separate. This is for any veteran or family member.

raped at gun point by ex boyfriend's 2 friends when 18 didn't tell for 12 years

lost my baby boy in third trimester.

An abusive marriage. It was very short lived. 3 months marriage 8 months of sheer hell to get divorced. Lived in fear of my ex for a few years after that, before before he apologized and let know everything he did to me and put me through

My best friend died of cancer when I was 12. I was dropped off by myself and spoke at her funeral. After the service the minister said that the burial was only for family and the close friends that had been invited. I hadn't been so my 12 year old brain convinced me that I had done something wrong. It took until I was in my 30s to come to grips with it and realize it was just her mother being overwhelmed by everything. Caused me to deal with death in a very different way that still effects me to this day. I'm now 40

I accidentally started my house on fire. More specifically all of my clothes.

When I was a child I was raped my mothers father I told her when I was 19 years she told me not to tell anyone. This had made me not want to have a relationship with her. I sometimes feel like I hate her since she still talks to him. And acts like nothing happened

I promise my grandma I would never leave her after she told me why she was crying, I didn't know my mom had told her that we were moving and I didn't know that either. months later we moved and four days later my grandma passed. I blame myself for that still to this day. Two days after her passing I was sexualy harassed by my aunt's husband and thought that was my punishment but I know that's not true but I still haven't told anyone

So I was molested like I don't know how many times I forgot I don't even know like I was only seven but the major one I told and it was always my fault my fault so like the other ones I never said anything about because you're seven years old and you're getting blamed for something you have no idea what's going on so as I grew older I always felt like something was my fault and so I didn't know how to have relationships I didn't know what to do in a situation because I would always think that you know I was doing something wrong anyways and so as I got older I've always looked for love in the wrong places and so now it's just hard to even be in a relationship or trust anybody because I got raped four years ago and I was scared to tell anybody because I was like Thinking it was my fault and so I finally went to the hospital and yeah I just it triggers you in a way that people just don't know like and I have PTSD I have so much PTSD from different things and it just sucks

I was in a car accident where I would of died if the car wouldn't have stopped rolling, I saw how the driver of the truck that hit us, got thrown out by the passanger to scape. Saw him hit a big rock started bleeding too much and his eyes wouldn't close I was 5 later found out, that's what killed him.

I was molested for a few years by my brother. It was pushed under the rug because I didn't "show signs" or "say anything" word of advice for parents. If your child has been through this, PLEASE get them into counseling. That stuff will affect their lives down the road

recently left my wife after 7 years of physical/emotional abuse. 12 year marriage. 4 girls that are my life. Wife is tiny I'm a big guy so no one to thought it was a big deal.

I'm 42 years old. My father was drinking and driving when I was 9 years old. Rolled the car with me, my mom and my sister. He died, I still remember his blue face when he broke his neck. I still have problems from the day that changed my life forever

got in an accident on a side by side, helmet saved my life. I can't ride recreational vehicles anymore

I found my husband after he took his own life in 2010. Support groups always blamed wives and gfs of the deceased and it made therapy VERY hard to go to, let alone my ability to heal

I'm 28 now. When I was 8 our house was broken into and robbed at gunpoint. Gun put to my head and threatened to kill me and 4 yr old sister

When I was nine my brother molested me for a couple years he did, I'm 51 now I've never went to a therapist and I thought I was dealing with it pretty good but I don't think I am I obviously need to go see someone. He thinks just because he said he was sorry that it's all OK I haven't talk to him and I never will again

Not quite as traumatic as others but I got in a bad accident driving at night. Took me years to be comfortable driving in the dark again

Was raped by my ex while married, whole marriage was abusive. Still dealing with it, I've been divorced 5 years.

I am 25 now, a male, I was molested as a kid by a family "friends" son and his friends. To all my fellow

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