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TEXT TOPIC: What was your first concert?

first concert was *NSYNC!! Love ya Kendra from CO

RUSH 1980 MOVING pictures tour

Sammy Hagar at the Pocatello Minidome!

My first concert was Bread, in Salt Lake. ??

Corey Hart I was 12 , had a cough so friends mom gave me a shot of cinnamon schnapps OTW in

Concert was disturbed. Couldn't hear for two days afterwards

My first concert was LA Guns and Firehouse! My dad took me there without my mom knowing she was mad but I was a happy 12 year old lol I'm 27 now and still love classic rock

I was in 2nd grade and my dad took me to see Styx. That's where my love for music in general began. So awesome seeing them again last night with him

Styx's & REO in the 80's. I favored REO

My 1st Concert was color me bad

Katy perry!

Backstreet Boys Millenium ??????????

I was 12 and I saw the used and good Charlotte at the E center

My first concert was Three Doors Down the opening acts were Lifehouse and Tantric and won the tickets from your station!

Grateful Dead 1987. I was in kindergarten.

Kelly Clarkson was the first concert I went to at the Freedom Festival, the U's attempt to copy Stadium of Fire

My first concert was Bon Jovi/ Skid Row at the Salt palace!! Woo-hoo!! ??

First concert was to see Jesse McCartney about 15 years ago. He had a meet and greet after and is the nicest dude. I was a teenager. So fun!

NKOTB at Dodgers stadium- best concert!

first concert was Color Me Badd when I was 9 years old

first concert Janet Jackson about 27 yrs ago she got sick half way through and rescheduled

summer jams with Nelly and Snoop Dogg. I was 12 or 13 and still so innocent.

First and Only was Backstreet Boys about 20 years ago

1st band I saw was Aerosmith at the Salt Palace!

first concert..... Billy Squier and Cheap Trick at the Salt Palace!

In 90s when country singer Dottie West died, mom asked me if i remember going to utah state fair to see dotties concert, no cuz i was born in 72 so too young

2002 Olympics: Smashmouth Evanescence 2003 at SaltAir

Aerosmith, just push play tour. I was 10 years old

INXS, 1984 Provo Marriott Center...back when there used to e concerts there. Was awesome

my first concert was new kids on the block and saw them again when I turned 45 out in Texas. I don't brag about it lol.

heart , I was 15.

Neil Diamond! I have seen him 4 times and I'm 38 ??

Cottonwoodstock at snowbird with Christina Aguilera... i was about 10. Holly

Whitney Houston


first concert was linkin park

first concert was good Charlotte

Rick Springfield when I was 16 ????

My moms first concert was The Rolling Stones. At Lagoon. Yes Lagoon. Back in the 60's. ??

my first concert was Bush, Godsmack, 3 Doors Down, and Kitty. At Red Rocks in Colorado

My first was Blink 182 at the East center. And have seen them 5 more time!

Paula Abdul 12 at the Salt Place 1992

my first was Britney Spears. My daughters will be Kiss next week

First concert was Saturday little big town. I'm 33 and that was the first one.

first concert was Steve Miller when I was 7 years old at usana amphitheater

supposed to be Bush but he got sick so No Doubt filled in. I was 10 or so.

Creed in the early 2000s at age 13.

First concert was the Boss!!! Bruce Springsteen

first concert 1996 beach boys at park west now the canyons ski area

was 8 and saw Bryan Adam's at the Salt Palace??

first concert was Korn, I told my mom I was seeing Good Charlotte. 8th grade

first concert U2 at the rice Eccles! May 24 2011 have seen them 8 times since and been to a lot of concerts love live music

first concert was Garth Brooks. My grandpa got me to tickets the night of the concert and I was row four

first concert was One Republic at UVU in 2008

Garth Brooks back in 1996/97ish. I was in the 6th grade and my big sisters took me. I fell in love with Garth then and still love him.

first concert was The Bee Gees in 78' I was 7, then Van Halen 1984 tour!

First concert was Five Iron Frenzy in a Christian church. Started with a prayer...but still a great show!

my husbands 42 and his first concert was Garth Brooks this summer

I went to Barry Manilow when I was in second grade because my mom had had a boob surgery and wasn't feeling well so my dad took me and I will never forget it.

first concert was Tiffany ??. I was 13

My first concert was Avenged Sevenfold in 2010

 first concert was Reba when I was 12

Chris brown, Soulja boy, Sean Kingston in 2006. Amazing

George Straight his first concert at delta center

first concert was Kenny Chesney. Taking the wife to see Kane Brown next month! Love the name Kane so much, it's our kids name

Rolling Stones while I was in 7th grade- sun devil stadium in Tempe

Lionel Richie and Diana Ross

Shaun Cassidy 1978

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This is not a joke, they threw pizza frisbees into the crowd and I caught one. I was obsessed with Michelangelo and it took me years to realize that I couldn't marry a turtle.

Jimmy Eat World and Paramore!

first concert was Savage Garden about 20 years ago. Floor seats with my mom lol

first concert was Enrique Iglesias at the delta center when I was 10

OKGO at a small theater in Portland when I was 19, back in 2005. GREAT concert!

First concert at age 15. ZZTOP, Cheap Trick, Santana, and The Steve Miller Band at the Cotton Bowl. Randy Quaid was there also.

first concert LFO in st george, 2 days after 9/11.

First concert was Andy Gibb. Wore a pink silk baseball jacket & pants

nsync at the state fair

Billy Idol.

I'm Saphire and I saw Hinder at in the Venue

Matchbox 20 at the maverick center. I was in jr high

hoobastank, POD open for Linkin Park

first concert The Cure at the Delta center, my sister's favorite band and she couldn't go so I got her ticket

Tiffany at Valley Fair Mall!! Then B52's

first concert was Backstreet Boys millennium tour

Jack Johnson was my first concert at USANA!

Depeche Mode at park west 1989 or 90 I think

Diana Ross I turned 11 the day before and she called all kids under 10. My mom still made me go. She wished me happy birthday and kissed my cheek.

Kiss at the terrace ballroom

first concert was Ratt, Cinderella, and Kix at the Salt Palace.

first concert was My Chemical Romance in 2006. I learned that night what a WALL OF DEATH was when Rise Against opened up for them.


Debbie Gibson Electric Youth tour in 1989.

first concert was free. Lady gaga at vivint. I regret nothing. Lady can put a show on for sure

my mom's first ever concert was the Beach boys at Lagoon and mine was blink-182 at the East Center and bowling for soup open for them I was 16!!

Offspring when they played at the complex

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